Li Chengzhu slowly opened his eyes and looked into his abdomen.
A hairless mouse is clutching his clothes tightly. Two mung bean big eyes are turned up to show muddy white eyes. The fat body is shaking more than just like at the climax. Now that there are only three beards left in the original, it has disappeared completely into a meat ball. The phoenix’s three souls and seven spirits mark is rushing around and disappearing.
Beauty granduncle is printing this meat ball with a small hand, and his mouth is slightly open like a golden rooster, and his face is not willing to stare at it.
Time frames this moment
Boss Li felt that his eyes were pounding, and he couldn’t even feel the scorching heat of the phoenix egg.
"Fuck!" It took a long time for Boss Li to suppress a sentence and shed tears. "I’m a fire phoenix … blare …"
The little guy rolled his eyes and finally turned it over. It was full of meat. The little head shook its two front paws. A loose one fell from Boss Li’s body. Come on, it twitched as if it were a climax. Even the invisible little brother is now tall and straight.
"cheep ~ ~ ~" the little thing makes a very satisfying sound.
The beautiful granduncle finally took back the golden rooster’s independent posture and looked at his disciples with big eyes. "What now?"
Boss Li’s eyes are wet and wronged, and tears drop straight. Looking at the little thing lying on the ground, I can’t wait to give it a foot and knees before, and my hands are shaking and holding the little thing. "What should I do?" How do I know what to do? You give it back to the old man, you give the fire phoenix back to the old man! "
"It flew so fast that I didn’t see it at all." Wu Rui swallowed saliva to explain what the treasure hunter had eaten. How can the speed become invisible to yourself?
Wan Yue smiled gleefully and even forgot to recover from meditation.
"I don’t blame you." Li Chengzhu regretted eating so many supplements for the little thing, and it became teleportable after evolution. It is normal that the beauty granduncle is a fairy and can’t catch its trace, but when will you come? Why do you have to catch Yuan Ying when you come here and stir it up when you press the key? Boss Li grabbed the little thing and shook it hard. "I’m a fire phoenix … blare …"
"Zhi ~ ~ ~" The little dead pig is not afraid of scalding water, so it is refreshing and has a mouthful of water.
"Don’t bully it!" Wan Yue loves little things very much, and now she sees that her great enemy is destroying such a lovely creature, and she immediately jumps out to fight an injustice.
"You’re sitting there." Boss Li was extremely upset and finally got a phoenix egg. If he knew how to collect it, he was picked cheap by the little thing. Isn’t it a thorn in the side?
Wan Yue Jin Xian looked at his master’s ferocious appearance, and suddenly he was afraid of creeping his lips, but he didn’t speak again, but he walked beside Li Chengzhu in high spirits and robbed the little thing.
Beauty teacher granduncle’s residence
Boss Li sat staring at the sleeping little thing in Wan Yue’s arms with a sigh. Granduncle Beauty looked at his disciple Wan Yue and nervously looked at the small creatures in his arms. Then he looked up at his master’s delicate atmosphere.
"It’s getting dark in the column. You’ve been sitting for hours." The beautiful granduncle finally felt distressed by the disciples. "Anyway, things have been like this. Isn’t it you?"
Boss Li shook his head and sighed. The fire phoenix has now recognized the little thing. The dead mouse has fallen into a deep sleep again. It is estimated that it is going to evolve. After all, the energy brought by the fire phoenix must be very large, and it has helped absorb a lot of energy belonging to Wanyue, which has been hovering on the edge of evolution.
Although the little thing belongs to itself, the fire phoenix belongs to the little thing, but how can I feel comfortable without the fire phoenix directly belonging to myself?
"Anyway, you are not allowed to bully it." Wan Yue’s treatment of little things is useless. A pair of small hands tightly protected it and almost didn’t put it into his chest to block the master’s murderous eyes.
"Who bullied it? Did you see it with your left eye or your right eye? " Li Chengzhu is full of fire and has no place to take Wan Yue as a punching bag. At ordinary times, I let you do it because I want something from you. Now I’m angry with the boss. You are a demon slave and there are always 1000 ways to make you wish you were dead.
"Column" beauty granduncle for fear of escalation hurriedly lightly chastising shouted.
Boss Li waved his hand and patted his ass. "Hey, I am a little upset in my heart, but now I understand that the little thing is my fire phoenix is still me!"
Wu Rui looked at the disciple’s lonely face. Although the disciple said so, there was still a gap in his heart. Originally, he was full of hope to collect the fire phoenix, and now he made a wedding dress. Although he didn’t care about each other, if there was no psychological gap, the disciple was really a saint.
"Take care of it when you go." Boss Li looked back at the little thing and then looked at Wanyue and pointed to the phoenix egg. "You should hatch it for the old man quickly or you won’t have a hair on the phoenix."
Wan Yue pursed her mouth and left her head to ignore him.
The beautiful granduncle watched with a wry smile as the disciple walked out of the door step by step and looked back. The sleeping little thing was still spinning the phoenix egg. It’s really strange that it happened by mistake today.
Chapter one hundred and thirty Long Yin Fengming Fire Phoenix was born
As long as three months, the wear and tear led several ladies to finally dispose of the huge fire phoenix body.
Phoenix Feather received a hidden ring, and the phoenix meat, as hard as meteorite, was cut into pieces by several ladies and hidden. Li Chengzhu didn’t know how many heavy weapons he had taken from the warehouse of Acacia Sect, and almost every day he ruined the phoenix meat, at least a dozen weapons.
Bai Sen’s skeleton in the compound still outlines the noble posture of the fire phoenix before his death, and stands on the ground with his head up and his chest up. The sharp mouth flashes with sharp light, and the skeleton is clean without any meat crumbs, which makes the white bones more bright.
Phoenix is an alchemist of precious meat, bones and meridians.
Li Chengzhu has been idle and moldy for three months. In addition to flirting with several ladies all day, he is drinking with Luo Badao in the jars and urging Boss Li to drink alcohol and have a growing friendship with this macho man.
The little thing still shows no signs of awakening. She stays in the beautiful granduncle’s ancestral home all day, sleeping, and Wan Yue cherishes it to the extreme when she meditates.
It’s embarrassing for Li Chengzhu not to fix it. There are many things he wants to do but can’t do.
If you don’t lose it, you can refine some powerful paper with the blood of Phoenix. It’s not easy to refine high-grade paper, but when you go to the place, you will have to clean up all the goods in Li Chengzhu many times when you resist the apocalypse. Boss Li has long wanted to add a new one. There is no high-grade fairy blood, but the existing phoenix blood is stranded because of the aura.
There are still two places where it is not difficult for the immortals to get some blood. It is not true that the patriarch of Hehuan has no evil spirits. It can be said that this disaster has made the situation of Boss Li very difficult.
There are several good sects who control the Acacia Sect and have been developing vigorously. After an anti-sneak attack campaign, no sect has dared to stroke the Acacia Sect. After Zhou Yi confessed, it became extremely lively and diligent. He devoted himself to the Acacia Sect and won Li Chengzhu’s appreciation in the middle period.
Boss Li dangles his legs and leans against a big chair. After that, two demon beauties are diligently fanning the cattail leaf fan. Although it is a cool breeze, it will make Li Chengzhu more agitated.
Hundreds of demon spirits are practicing magic in front of them. Liu Sanbiao waved his own tailor-made giant axe and performed it for Li Chengzhu to watch.
The growth of the demon spirits has not yet been finalized, but they still have great development. For example, Liu Sanbiao forged a flying sword before this man, and it turned out that it was not convenient at all. This time, a giant axe was refined, although the order was not very high, but the power exerted in his hand was very different. Some people are suitable for making this arrogant weapon like Luo Badao’s sword that turned monty into blood.
During this period, when Li Chengzhu was sent away, he sat in the residence of the demon spirits every day. The demon spirits also practiced very hard. Liu Sanbiao’s revolver cut one by one and tried to put down his opponents one by one. The weapons were even more shocked to fly to the middle, and the simple and honest demon spirits practiced slowly and understood how to make their greatest potential.
However, Boss Li is still not very satisfied with these demon spirits. Although they are doing well at the moment, they still have little chance of winning against opponents with the same strength. After all, they are still inexperienced.
Blink of an eye Liu Sanbiao has put down five opponents and watched Li Chengzhu happily, expecting a compliment or two.
Before Li Da’s boss Zaba Zaba could speak, a shadow light flashed and then a Pian Yu Jane stopped in front of him.
Feel the familiar spirit pressure Li Chengzhu’s long-forgotten heart suddenly jump.
Liu Sanbiao obediently closed his mouth and didn’t speak when he saw the fairy’s long face expression.
Li Chengzhu felt his big hand shaking and reaching out to hold a message from Yujian. "Come on, the phoenix is about to hatch!"
Boss Li felt a thump in his chest and stumbled, and he didn’t even know he tripped over the chair.
Liu Sanbiao saw Xianchang stumble out and scratched his head, wondering, "What’s the matter?"
Boss Li felt a little confused in his head and flew all the way to the door of the beautiful granduncle’s residence, but he was afraid to go in
Looking forward to three months, although three months is not long for cultivating immortals, it is too long for Li Chengzhu to wait! More than three months of practice is beyond the tolerance of ordinary people who cultivate immortality.
According to my own guess, if the sentence of Seventh Martial Uncle is true, then the birth of Phoenix must have a great deal to do with his restoration.
But what if I guess wrong?
Boss Li dare not think, do you really have to wait for more than 100 years to practice hard every day and then let Yuanying reset?
In the previous step, all the answers can be lifted, but the stone in Li Chengzhu’s heart made him dare not take this step for a long time. This step is too heavy and heavy.
A figure rushed out from the inside with excitement and shouted, "The phoenix egg seems to hatch before the column comes in."

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