"release people"
The old man looked at the white cloth wrapped around his arm with a smile on his face. Who is it? The command of the Royal Guards made Yan Jin hold a high position and hold a royal guard. Today, the capital is called one person and ten thousand people just said that it is not a big talk. It is not a big dare to say the word "roll" to the adult of the Royal Guards on this occasion. Even today’s saints should consider it.
At that moment, Lin Feng did not hesitate to say that the bearer was dressed in ordinary clothes. The most important thing was to break into the tenth battalion and seize Li Xiuer and Sargam at the same time. This behavior made Lin Feng completely angry. Of course, the root cause was that he did not know the identity of the other party.
Lin Feng looked up at the bearer. "You won’t kill me?"
"Want to kill you?"
Lin Fengfei fish knife back waist "bring people into here will have a purpose, say what you want"
The old man laughed. "I really want to sit down with thousands of adults and have a good drink."
"It’s that simple?"
There’s nothing wrong with the old man nodding at windson’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled, even if the cold blood knife was issued at the last moment, he felt that he had never been strange from the moment when windson appeared. It’s really a different person, especially the anger and resentment in his eyes. He knows how to protect people around him when this moment disappears.
"Bring the wine."
Xiao leng, the situation suddenly changed. I couldn’t believe my eyes were hurt. The Royal Guards commanded the adults. This is a big event. At this time, Lin Feng finished sitting in front of himself. This old man is the most powerful person in Beijing except the emperor.
"Don’t go."
Small promise to run out of the foot quickly and trip the whole person. Those two big swordsmen are cold-snorted. In the eyes of one or two people, such people are just waste.
Chapter seventy-two Into the imperial city
The strongest blow launched by the two figures is to break each other’s defense and eventually hurt each other’s knife. If it is not a hand, it has become a corpse at this time.
Small suddenly remind of that figure. Looking familiar with it, I have seen the command of a Royal Guards. The figure is just a figure. A standby Royal Guards like Xiao is lucky enough to see the figure. Most of them are so lucky to see the figure of the old man who played against Lin Feng. Finally, I remembered it.
It’s a big crime for an adult to hurt the command, and still think about it with a jar in his hand. It seems that there is nothing on the surface. Once someone catches this handle, it will be a disaster for adults and the whole tenth battalion in the future.
The conductor made Yan Jin look at Lin Feng laughing from time to time. From each other’s eyes, it can be concluded that the news sent was accurate. Lin Fengzhen couldn’t remember anything. He sent a blood knife and instantly carried amazing murder. If he hadn’t lost his memory, Lin Feng would not dare to do it himself again. Of course, it might be a good thing for Lin Feng.
Windson respectfully is not the identity of the other party, but the skill of using saber falls into the wind completely in the competition. The other party’s skill of using saber seems to be restrained by his own skill of using saber. That’s how the moves are taken from heaven and earth, which also contains mutual understanding. Instantly, there are flaws. The more fancy the moves, the more flaws there are.
"You really don’t remember the old lady at all?"
Windson shook his head "not others wake up even don’t know who you are"
Yan Jin nodded. "Is it reasonable to remember if you are injured?"
Windson shook his head again. "I know that when I woke up, I was covered in hands and feet. I had a terrible headache and I can’t remember what happened."
Lin Feng said that it is also true that those scattered memories of the water surface beating red light method make an accurate judgment whether it is really a memory. Of course, there is still a little strange attack in Sanjiang County. When I returned to Beijing, I saw all kinds of things that the whole tenth battalion was caught in being monitored. It should be that I simply don’t remember it.
"all right"
A little jittery came to the crowd, and his left eye blinked at Lin Feng from time to time, bending over and instantly saying three words "command"
Lin Feng looked up and retreated to the old man behind him, smiling. Although these three words are light, I can still hear clearly that Lin Fengqi’s figure is in front of him. This is the person who controls the whole security. "Lin Fengyou’s eyes hurt his adults and he is willing to be punished."
"I don’t know if I have fined Mrs. Lin Qianjing a glass of wine?" Yan Jin’s hands hold one another’s strength, and Lin Feng wants to worship the roots from the palm of his hand. Don’t look at the age of fifty. The long breath is bound to be a good hand. The knife method is easy to practice, and it is the most difficult to work hard.
"Lin Feng is willing to be punished"
Windson raised his glass, held his hands respectfully, and made a big grip on Yan Jin’s command of the Royal Guards at the moment. If he dared to start work on the head company in his own time, it would be impossible to leave directly.
A glass of wine to drink Yan Jin looked at Lin Feng. "If you meet an ordinary opponent soon, this style of play is the most effective. Once you meet a real master, you will suffer."
"Please enlighten me."
"Martial arts, combining speed with offensive and defensive skills, can’t be quick blindly. After all, there is a limit. Once you reach the destined method, it will be different if you break through slowly." Yan Jin intends to give Lin Feng the opportunity he has learned for many years.
"Lin Feng keeps it in mind"
"Prepare to follow me into the palace to meet the holy one."
"Into the palace!"
Isn’t windson going to see Zhu Yuanzhang when he enters the palace? He never dares to think that a modern person can see this poor man with his own eyes.
"What’s wrong?"
Windson busy way "BeiZhi don’t remember the palace rules some worry"
"You can’t look left and right, especially if you meet a woman and follow the old lady."
"Go and change."
Windson’s gown is mostly used to the flying fish wearing it, but it’s a bit unnatural. The imperial rules are naturally disheveled. It’s definitely a big sin to quickly return to Li Xiuer to follow in and hesitate to go outside in Sargam.
Take out the flying fish, take off the gown, put on a wide cloth belt and wrap it around Li Xiuer carefully. Every movement is extremely meticulous.
Lin Feng stepped out of Yan Jin’s changing dynasty, and the flying fish worn by Lin Feng and others were different. Yan Jin’s command made the embroidered robe worn by the body second only to the dragon robe worn by the emperor. It can be seen from the ornaments that the status is high.
"Your name is Xiao?"
"Yes, my Lord"
"It’s a lot of material and Lin Qian’s study will be effective in the future."
"Little obedience makes adults teach."
Yan Jin walked out of the 10th Battalion. Before that, the beggar was still lying with his legs cocked up, and his eyes seemed to be closed. Yan Jin stroked his beard for many years. You can see at a glance that there is something wrong with this flower.
Lin Qian
"humble position"
"One more nail"
"Beizhi didn’t get rid of it. I want to see what material it is."
"all right"
The closer you get to the imperial city, the cleaner you get. From a distance, you can see that the palace gate is really magnificent, and the ground is made of all kinds of feldspar, and the stones with the same specifications are paved in the same way. It is inevitable that it will not be easy to do this at ordinary times when the gate is not in a side door.
The four gates of the imperial city go to different locations. Generally, you have to go through another gate for business or deliberation. Only when you meet a saint will you come here. There are more than a dozen guards in front of the palace, and there is a man standing in front of the door.
"Lord Sun, long time no see"
"It’s Yan’s adult with a red face and a good look."
Two people a greeting windson can come here after a lifetime, but it’s just a small thousand.
"Who’s this?"
"Ten Battalions and Thousand Winds"
"I’ve met Lord Sun."
The man nodded. "I heard that the leaders of the Royal Guards were outstanding. Today, I saw that it was really extraordinary. Lord Yan really taught well."
"I didn’t dare to relax in the slightest because of the emperor’s kindness. Sun’s adult is not the same as a state worker."

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