Turning around and pushing Ouyang Shan out of the door, he shouted "Run!"
Then he pulled out a sharp knife and stuck it in his stomach and shouted, "Keep our children!"
If it weren’t for the sudden accident, if it weren’t for the horse’s yelling, it would be a foregone conclusion that he would kill himself.
But the horse finally shouted at the moment that Zuo Qiu’s detached hands had grabbed his wrist
The horse can’t be inserted with a sharp sword-it can’t be earned by Zuo Qiu’s detached skillful hands.
Unexpectedly, Ouyang Shan didn’t leave but rushed back and shouted, "We’ll all die eventually-"The table slammed into Tiexingyue and smashed it, but it seemed as if nothing had happened. It roared like thunder, "Don’t die! Don’t die at all!"
"It is" Xiao Qiushui said slowly, "We have something to say"
Didn’t speak
Zuo Qiu detachment never caught the horse again because he knew it would never escape.
The horse is not afraid to fight with them, but he will not start work because of his guilt.
Everyone can see that it’s hard for Ma and his wife to do this.
No one wants to force a couple who are in trouble.
Ma Jing finally sat on the bench opposite Xiao Qiushui and other five people, but it was the twilight that was quietly coming outside.
Finally, the horse finally spoke first. "I’d rather die than be forgiven."
Xiao Qiushui solemnly said, "We won’t forgive you unless you tell us who is behind you and we will deal with him."
Zuo Qiu detachment has always been calm, but now it suddenly says, "Yes! Let’s deal with him together! "
The horse was finally surprised and lost. "We … we go to deal with him together? !”
Tang Fang quietly looked at him and said, "Didn’t you say that people are born with flowers and people are dead with alkanes?" What happened today is that you were confused for a moment, and we still regard you as a hero of Huanhua Sword Sect. Of course, let’s deal with Libang together! "
The horse finally thought about it and suddenly lamented, "I know you want to forgive me but I can’t forgive myself."
Ouyang Shanyi couldn’t help but hang up two lines of tears. "I know he did everything. I’ll help him kill you or I’ll destroy him, but he won’t agree!" Ouyang Shan said mournfully, "But Li Bang said that he would kill me, so he wouldn’t dare not stop doing it, but he couldn’t bear to poison and dare to drugge …" Tang Fang sighed, "Even if the drug is drugged, we wouldn’t treat you like this."
Xiao Qiushui said, "Help intimidate you not to tell my eldest brother or Mr. Meng? They will naturally come up with ideas to find a way for you! "
The horse was finally callous. "I’m strong enough to help others … I really don’t have the courage to tell Mr. Meng … even if Mr. Meng is strong enough to help others … Kuangshan has our children in his stomach …"
The horse finally said that he looked at Ouyang Shan. When Ouyang Shan bowed his head, his eyes did not touch each other, but his tenderness was limited.
-Wandering heroes in the Jianghu have a warm home at night, a caring person and a willingness to give up?
-Things have been going on for a generation and everything is alive!
-who can bear to hurt a new generation of buds!
-What’s worse, the horse finally passed the fierce battle of "Night Wolf". King Zhu Dayao escaped his life and knew that life was precious!
Take root once he has landed, he will never want to be uprooted again.
-Tang Fang can’t help secretly sighing.
"What’s the big deal!" Tie Xingyue punched the table "to help what" nine days and ten places, nineteen people magic "people magic Kong Yangsu, Sha Qiandeng, Yan ghosts just kill them for me. What’s the big deal? ! Can’t be provoked? !”
The horse was finally sad. "You kill …"
Xiao colchicine calm tunnel "is what you just said Meng shishu side also powerful people who is it? !”
The horse finally bit his lip and said, "It’s healthy to go fishing and it’s always wonderful."
Xiao Qiushui was surprised. "Is Kang back from fishing?"
Ma Jing finally said, "He arrived in Guilin yesterday, and he asked me to’ pick you up’."
Zuo Qiu detached hate way "that’s him! If he hadn’t pretended to be poisoned and waited for the opportunity to murder Tang Daxia, Xiao Dabo and Zhang’s predecessors, we would have stabilized the overall situation of Chengdu Jianlu. "
Ma was surprised at last. "It turns out that he came back from Sichuan!"
Xiao Qiushui said, "Xin Miao is often Xin Huqiu’s daughter, but Xin Huqiu has been killed by her uncle."
The horse finally breathed a sigh of relief. "Xin Huqiu is dead? !”
Tang Fang smiled and said, "Look, Li Bang is not the enemy. Not only Xin Huqiu died, but also Hua Gu’s grave died at the gate of Huanhua Sword Sect."
Ma stayed for a long time and Xiao Qiushui said, "Now Xin Miao is still in the Huanhua Sword School in Guilin!"
The horse ended in Xiao Qiushui and cried, "Not good! Uncle Meng doesn’t know that Xin Huqiu is helping the undercover, and he doesn’t know that Kang Chuyu is a good and evil villain. We need to know him now! "
Qiu Nan gu said, "Where is Kang fishing? This youngest son is so hateful! Wouldn’t it be better if we caught him first and sent him to Mr. Meng for severe punishment! "
The horse jumped up at last, and the wind was bright and clear. "I know where he is. I can take you there!" "
A glance at Ouyang Shan reveals a kind of sadness. She just stood up and was about to sit down. Ouyang Shan cried, "I don’t care what I have to do, just do it. Please don’t leave me and let me go with you."
The horse stamped its foot and sighed, "You’re pregnant again if it’s not dangerous there …" Tang Fang suddenly calmed down and said, "Brother Ma, I’ll take care of Sister Ouyang."
The horse finally looked at Tang Fang as clear as water, feeding the tunnel "I, I …" Iron star and moon can’t see but scold a way "What’s the man’s man like a sissy? Want to play a ball-"Qiu Nangu interface scold a way" to scold a ball! Mother-in-law is a real hero. How can a hero be so sissy! "
Tie Xingyue couldn’t help but scold again. "I thought that when you were single and fighting night wolves, people in the Jianghu were ten times more famous than you, but you dared to challenge Zhu Tianwang to roam the Yangtze River waterway alone. You actually nailed the planking with a trick of’ taking root’-such heroism is amazing! I didn’t expect to see the king’s egg today! "
Qiu Nangu thought about not being willing to rob and scold "Ouyang Shan, who was fascinated by God in the past, also dared to do it. The woman didn’t expect it to be a burden today! Hey, hey! What’s wrong with helping others? ! We have already chosen! Pissed off! If you dare, fight with our’ Shenzhou Jieyi’ to fight for the banner of justice in Wulin! Whatever the storm! Ignore him! "
Tiexingyue couldn’t help but scold the horse again, but eventually he jumped on a footstool and kicked the table and cursed
"You are all heroes, others are bears? Isn’t it? Damn it! If my old horse is not today, I won’t be afraid of any help if I have a little fire in the future! How do your family members know the difficulties of my old horse? ! Just go! You dare to go to Yan Luowang, but I dare not. I tell you, I will accompany you to my mother-in-law in! "
The horse finally scolded more and more vigorously, and his face turned red from pale to thick, and even his neck was scolded to the excitement. He even moved out of Guangxi dialect and scolded him very angrily.
Qiu Nangu and Tie Xingyue stayed for a while. They looked at each other and suddenly burst out laughing together. Qiu Nangu said with a smile, "There is something better than my iron mouth Qiu Nangu!"
Iron star moon also smiles and flatters vigorously, but eventually shoulders "indeed as expected have heroism!" Don’t lose my fart. Wang Tie Kenyue scolded you. Good job! Hey hey scold well! "
The two men laughed without anger, which surprised the horse. Only then did they know that Qiu and Tie meant to provoke themselves, and they couldn’t help but be rude and forgiving. It was their own color that just provoked them to curse!
Ouyang Shan said, "It’s not what you and I don’t want to fight hard. I want my child to be his father and be arrogant. If we don’t die, we will earn it." If you die, you will be happy to be a mandarin duck with the same life! "
Tang Fang Judo "Sister-in-law speaks well, Ma Xiong, don’t be ungrateful to your wife’s heart." Xiao Qiushui smiled and said, "Ma Xiong died in Ning Ming!"

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