"Lin Feng is willing to be afraid that they don’t want to"
Another flash flashed across the man with a double hammer and took a step. "Eldest brother will talk nonsense with this kind of person." He is far bigger than ordinary people. It seems that Tang Niu can compare with this kind of person and seems doomed to reckless personality.
"I want to play with Tang Niu."
Tang Niu also took a step forward. With a tight conflict, it is inevitable that both sides do not want to see it, especially the Taoist Jia knows that the Royal Guards are not to be taunted.
"People don’t say dark words and be original. These people are really killing people and stealing goods. They pat their conscience. All these years, robbing and killing are the murders. Lin Qianzhen really wants to start work. Tonight, he can only play along!"
Windson responded, "The Taoist priest is really taking shelter from the wind and rain tonight. If it weren’t for the Taoist priest himself, he might not start work."
Taoist Jia snorted, "That’s easy to say. In this case, I’m hiding from the Taoist temple to eavesdrop."
"Because Lin Feng saw something wrong from the clothes of people in the street, he felt strange and sent someone to find out."
"What’s wrong?" The Taoist priests looked at the robes and hats one by one and followed the master for so many years. They also learned a lot of Taoist things, addressing and speaking styles, and there would never be any flaws.
At that moment, I finally saw that people on the trail were not wearing cloth boots. Most of them were too impatient to hear knocking at the door. They simply wore cassock and hat and ran out. I didn’t expect Lin Feng’s eyes to be so fierce that even such a tiny flaw in the boots could be avoided.
"Master blames my brother for his carelessness." The passerby looked guilty. That’s true. At that time, he was getting together for drinking. He didn’t want to be suddenly slapped at the Taoist temple gate. He quickly changed his robes and came out to see if he thought that he would reveal his identity because of a little loophole.
Taoist Jia waved his hand. "No, you are a blessing, not a curse. You can’t hide from me. If you want to start work, you have to play along."
The old man’s face shows murder, and the sword in his hand rises with the wind and rain, and the Taoist temple is full of dangers. At the same time, six people’s eyes fall on Lin Fengshen, the man who said it, and now he decides to finish Lin Fengshen’s hand.
"Lin Feng and you don’t take enmity in this matter today because you don’t want anyone to do evil things in the name of Taoist temple and ask you to promise Lin Feng that you will never hurt people again. Tonight, it will never happen."
The old man laughed. "Tan Yi, if someone breaks into the Taoist temple with a sharp sword and changes to a donor, if you choose, who is naturally willing to be a villain if you are not forced by others!"
"You have self-protection after martial arts. Windson is asking you not to hurt people’s lives. There is no agreement that killing people is not the only way to solve hostilities."
"No matter what, we must let the Taoist priest and brothers have an explanation."
Chapter one hundred and four Title
"Is the guest as long as the master?" With Lin Feng’s words, the Taoist temple became tense with the words of Tang Niu. Since they are all robbing the rich and helping the poor, the righteous simply give up their prejudices, and the same is true for good and bad thieves
The old man’s eyebrows eased. "Then do it according to the rules of the Jianghu. Whoever wins three games has the final say and whoever loses must abide by the rules."
Inadvertently, the rain stopped and the wind weakened. The little Taoist priest took a torch and inserted it into the gap of the Taoist temple wall. The dark courtyard in the Central Plains suddenly lit up a lot.
"Second, you go first."
"Don’t worry, big brother."
When a person holding a pair of hammers falls, his fingers loosen before stepping, and the hammers sound when they hit the ground. Together, the two hammers should not weigh more than 100 kilograms. It is conceivable that each waving of a weapon requires energy, and the most important thing is that the speed of hand delivery is affected.
"Who will come out for a competition?" The strong man came near and stretched out his right hand.
"Tang Niu will meet you."
Roots don’t want to deal with this amazing strength. A strong man with Tang Niu is suitable for competing strength, lightness skill or fist-punching. Come near and shake his fist at his opponent. "What’s the comparison?"
"arm wrestling"
"Good" Tang Niu has no hesitation. Although it is an ordinary thing, it is the most important test of people’s strength and endurance. It is also the favorite way for Jianghu people to fight.
Trail people moved a table from the inside to make a square table with hardwood. There happened to be two stones for people to sit in the courtyard, and both hands pressed the square table without moving. Most of them were worried that shaking would affect the competition between the two.
As the little Taoist priest retreated aside, the strong man pointed to "please!"
Tang Niu also you’re welcome to roll up your sleeves and sit on the stone face, and then look at the faces of several people behind you with a smile. Do you win or lose?
The wrists are put together, and the two of them instantly exert their strength. Once the momentum is lost to the other side, they will lose the game. It is important to win or lose three games.
"Silly cow knows that bragging is not good now every day."
Tang Niu Yi’s face is flushed, and he can’t go out at this time. Once he gets out, he will lose his breath. It is undeniable that the strength of the other party is really not small. He can win with endurance, and his arms are still.
Half an hour later, Fei Tian Yan’s mouth was breathing hard, and then he looked at the square table. The position of their arms was almost exactly the same as that of the time. On endurance, Tang Niu was slightly better. It was a short-term root method to determine the winner.
Just listen to click a hardwood to build a square table, which is abruptly crushed by two people, and the square table is scattered, and the position of their arms remains unchanged.

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