Wang sledgehammer’s face is unhappy with his starting point. Take another look at the opposite spot. jesse lifts his foot into the restaurant. Wang Zhuopeng follows Wang sledgehammer into the restaurant and locks the restaurant door quickly.
Wang sledgehammer’s anger soared and he questioned Wang Xiaopeng. What are these meanings? Wang Xiaopeng quickly explained to Wang sledgehammer that jesse was not a serious girl. jesse’s association with Wang sledgehammer made Wang sledgehammer fall into perdition.
In the same place, jesse Wang Xiaopeng locked the restaurant door from the inside of the restaurant, and his eyes were erratic, and his lips were tightened to stare at the restaurant.
Wang Xiaopeng’s explanation didn’t quell Wang’s anger. Instead, he dared Wang to smash the glass when he picked up the restaurant stool.
"Wang sledgehammer Wang Shu is telling the truth. I ask you to give me five minutes to tell me about jesse. Believe it or not, I promise that Wang Shu will open the door after five minutes." Seeing Wang sledgehammer’s anger, I stood up from my seat and spoke indifferently.
"Are you sure you can guarantee it?" Wang sledgehammer asked me with a calm face when he slammed the stool in his hand and hit the ground.
"Can’t you, Wang Shu?" I looked at Wang Zhoupeng.
Wang Zhoupeng nodded hesitantly, then Wang sledgehammer snorted coldly. Wang Zhoupeng went to sit opposite me and narrowed his eyes and stared at me, waiting for me to speak.
In front of my eyes, Wang sledgehammer’s eyes are not very thin, and his long eyes are slightly pointed to the sideburns.
Although the eyeball is not black, it is dark gray when the eyes are looking forward, and the stars are shining in the pupil. The whites of the eyes are so pure that there is no trace of impurities.
His single eyelid eyelashes are not long, but they are thick and black, which makes his eyes hazy around clouds, which makes them unfathomable, mysterious and attractive.
Look at Wang sledgehammer sitting in the seat in front of me. I’ll sort out the language for five minutes. He tells me that I know everything about jesse.
When I finish saying that Wang sledgehammer is an incredible phenomenon, ask me where jesse offended me. I actually slandered jesse so much, saying that I slandered jesse alone, and even joined hands with Wang Zhoupeng to slander jesse.
I chuckled to Wang sledgehammer and said that if he wasn’t Wang Zhoupeng, I would never mind my own business and glance outside the restaurant. At the moment, it is becoming more and more difficult to hide my anxiety. jesse asked Wang sledgehammer if he would take him to Kenninji again.
So what if Wang sledgehammer stood up from his seat and said yes? I said jesse looked worried at the moment. Since Wang sledgehammer didn’t believe what I said at all, he could leave the restaurant immediately and go to Kenninji with jesse to make a birthday sacrifice, which delayed the best time for the birthday sacrifice.
I asked Dan Tai Li if Kenninji monk would spare Wang sledgehammer’s life after his eyes were gouged out for a living sacrifice. Dan Tai Li said that it must be impossible to say that destroying the body was an ironclad matter.
Wang sledgehammer clenched his fists in situ and glanced at the outside of the restaurant waiting for him. jesse frowned and waited for jesse. At this time, he couldn’t help but lift his feet close to the restaurant gate and walked to the restaurant gate. Yang called Wang sledgehammer to open the door.
Jesse called for the exit. Wang sledgehammer looked at me and said that it was time for me to fulfill my promise in five minutes.
Wang sledgehammer reacted like this, so I couldn’t help raising my eyebrows. Dan Tai Li said to Wang Zhoupeng that since he promised to keep the door open, he just had nothing to do at the moment, so he went to Kenninji together.
Chapter five hundred and fifty-five I won’t accept you
Dan Tai glass discourse export Wang Xiaopeng gratefully glanced at Dan Tai glass and then opened the restaurant door. jesse entered the restaurant and pulled Wang sledgehammer and left, saying that if he didn’t leave, he would delay her appointment with the monk.
Wang sledgehammer didn’t move in the same place. He said why he didn’t listen to jesse’s appointment before. He asked jesse that she had made an appointment with the monk. jesse smiled sweetly and said that he naturally wanted more.
Reading in sections 373
Monk blessing
Jesse suddenly felt wronged when he finished speaking, and his eyes were red and low. He said that if Wang Hammer didn’t want to go, she wouldn’t even glance at me. Later, he said that if Wang Hammer was upset with her because of outsiders, he would break up early, that is to say, he hoped that Wang Hammer could find himself and be satisfied with his girlfriend.
After jesse finished speaking, he covered his mouth and ran towards the door of the restaurant. Wang sledgehammer hurriedly chased him.
When Wang sledgehammer chased jesse, I quietly took the invisible paper man out of the ring and threw it out to urge the invisible paper man to track Wang sledgehammer.
Wang sledgehammer held jesse outside the restaurant, said he was sorry and offered to go to Kenninji now, which delayed jesse’s appointment with the monk.
Jesse said that if Wang sledgehammer was in a situation like today again, she would never forgive Wang sledgehammer again.
Wang Dazhong’s right index finger and middle finger are close together, pointing vertically to the sky, swearing that if a similar incident happens again, he must never get a wife in his life.
Jesse smiled through tears and said that Wang Dashui’s oath was not easy to do. He said that if Wang Dashui could not get a wife, what would she do?
Wang sledgehammer said sorry to jesse with remorse in his eyes and walked towards the door of Zhongya apartment with jesse in his arms.
Wang sledgehammer held jesse in his arms and walked towards the door of Zhongya apartment. Dan Tai Li Wang Zhuopeng and I left the restaurant far behind jesse and Wang sledgehammer.
I just followed her for a short walk through the invisible paper man. I know jesse inquired about Wang Hammer. Dan Tai Li Wang Zhuopeng and I have been following her and what is behind Wang Hammer? Maybe she is afraid that she will sell Wang Hammer.
Wang sledgehammer paused, his face full of embarrassment, and asked jesse to wait for him for a while, and then walked angrily to me and Dan Tai Li Wang Zhuopeng.
"I don’t need you to mind your own business, do you understand? Without you three outsiders," Wang sledgehammer emphasized the tone when he talked about the three words, glancing at Wang Zhou’s friends with a ping-pong shoulder.
"The road goes half way into the sky. Did you build this road with Wang sledgehammer?" Wang sledgehammer’s attitude made me cold.
If Wang sledgehammer is talking about me and Dan Tai Li as outsiders, it’s just that Wang Zhoupeng is his relative anyway, isn’t it?
I already know why Wang Xiaopeng had to go back to China for many years. I have deep sympathy and understanding for Wang Xiaopeng.
"Lv Xiaoran, you are really enough. You haven’t stopped since you came to the future." Wang sledgehammer looked at me
"and then" meet Wang sledgehammer’s sight. I have the idea of beating him up
"Then I won’t accept you. You are dead." Wang sledgehammer answered me.
After listening to Wang sledgehammer’s words, I felt that his words cured me of deafness for many years. Nima, will you accept me or not? Will my hair be so funny?
"Lv Xiaoran is my woman, and you don’t deserve to accept her." Dan Tai took my shoulder and lip angle to evoke the evil spirit radian.

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