"Then what do you want to go back?" He looked at her eyes for a moment and his expression was very solemn.
Blue is choked, but she can’t say that she doesn’t want to see him too tired. I hope he will go back to rest early to hide her discomfort. She reached out and took the yellow rose in Tang Hao’s hand.
Tang Hao was delighted that "you accepted my apology"
If you want to say that he is not wrong, you don’t need to make amends. Blue just changes to "yellow roses look better than red."
"Jason said yellow roses are the most appropriate way to apologize." Tang Haoyi smiled and leaned over to hold her delicate face with his hands. The dark eyes seemed to want to enter her heart. "But I think you are more like a orchid growing on a cliff, quietly blooming your beauty and not being stained by worldly dust."
"You said I was wonderful," he said with a blue eye. "Someone once said that I was a poppy with deadly poison."
"Poppy is poisonous, but people are willing to pick it." Tang Hao’s eyes turned dark and his voice became deeper and deeper. "Blue makes us forget the past and give each other a chance to get back together."
Blue slightly stunned again. I didn’t expect this to come from Tang Haokou. It’s too unreasonable. On the other hand, he can’t judge anything he says or does recently.
For example, buy her food, send her flowers, take her shopping and buy children. Today, he took her out of Gu Jia Manor and dragged her to the park. When it rained, he didn’t go back to the villa directly, but brought her here for dinner.
Are all the signs common sense to judge that she feels that Tang Hao is playing cards less and less?
Look at him for a long time. "Everyone has a past."
It means that in the past, you didn’t just forget.
"Yes, everyone has a past." Tang Hao slowly raised his mouth and smiled and said, "Since it is the past, it is most important for us not to forget it again."
"Can we do it again?" murmured Lan, looking at the yellow rose in her hand, and she was in a trance.
"Yes, we can," said Tang Hao firmly. "There is nothing impossible in the world. If we don’t want to do something, we in Qi Xin will be able to work together again."
Blue a stare big eyes didn’t expect him to give her a word around, suddenly a little reaction not to be able to come over.
Tang Hao was attracted by her consternation. She leaned over and kissed her, and her lips slightly opened because of her consternation.
The flower quilt was squeezed into the bulging belly. It may be that the baby had a kick in the blue, and his blue face changed. He stretched out his hand and pushed him a little breathlessly and said, "Be careful, kid."
"Er, I’m sorry." It’s rare that Tang Haojun blushed slightly and coughed awkwardly. He took the flowers and put them aside in the chair. His heart asked, "Are you okay? Do you want Alger to show you?"
It was his wrong belief that moved on. She was pregnant. Damn it.
"Don’t" refused, so I reacted with blue words and felt that I was too radical, explaining that "we are fine."
She said that we included ourselves and the children because she didn’t want Tang Hao to suspect that she couldn’t hide anything when Alger came.
On the contrary, the supplementary explanation made Jing Tang suspicious.
She is hiding something from him, which is the only thing that Tang Hao can be sure of.
The more she refused to show it to Alger, the more she said that there was a problem. No, he couldn’t wait until the day after he got back. He had to ask a white question before he could make a decision. Tang Hao didn’t move.
"Are you really okay?" Tang Hao didn’t trust to confirm.
"It’s nothing." It’s no big deal to think that he kissed blue and turned red slightly. "The child just kicked me."
"I’ve come to feel our little guy," said Tang Hao, crouching down with his big hand on her swollen belly and stroking it back and forth for half a ring. Tang Hao wondered, "Why didn’t he move?"
"Maybe I’m tired." Blue guessed uncertainly.
"She must be deliberately sabotaging daddy’s good deeds." Tang Hao simply put his face on her belly and said in a low voice, "The little guy can’t be so unkind. I am your daddy and I don’t want to be so cheating."
Pit dad was so blue that he was shocked by Tang Hao’s children’s pneumatics for a long time.
"Blue, let’s go and get the certificate, shall we?" Tang Hao suddenly looked up and stared at her.
I don’t know why, but he always feels that he is about to lose her. He can rest assured if he gets the certificate early and makes her his justified wife.
On hearing this, the blue body suddenly tightened, and he said that she had not promised the horse again, and asked her to go with him to get the license. This thinking logic is not as strong as usual, and she can’t follow.
"Blue" didn’t get her answer. Tang Haoqing called her name.
Blue eyes looked at her with deep eyes, and clearly saw his face reflected in it. When I thought of talking to her, my heart sank to the bottom.
She and he didn’t grieve so quickly in the future, and Blue quickly left her face in an attempt to cover up the past.
Tang Hao was too impatient to make her unhappy. Hold her hand and wrap her hands in his big palm. "Sorry, I was too impatient. I wanted to have the department too much. You wanted to get married early because you were afraid of big sleep’s misfortune. Don’t be angry because I was thoughtless."
"It’s not your fault," Blue said, suppressing her sadness. "I’m not angry either."
"It’s good not to be angry." Don’t want to burden her. Tang Hao didn’t ask him why it wasn’t him. What was the reason? He smiled and said, "Forget it. Don’t worry. Let’s eat first."
Let go of her hand. Tang Hao got up and sat beside her. Lan moved uneasily to the side.
"What are you doing so far away from me?" Tang Hao looked at her puzzled, and her eyes were full of evil drama. "You are pregnant. Sit close to me and I promise I won’t be pregnant again."
Lan Dengyuan’s eyes didn’t expect Tang Hao to bring a little yellow joke like this.
Tang Hao ‘an sat beside Lan and held her hand until a bottle of red wine was put on the table. Tang Hao said to the waiter, "Change the red wine into milk. My wife is pregnant and can’t drink. She is weak. The milk should not be too cold or too hot, about 40 degrees."
There is no problem at all because China restaurants speak Chinese.
The "Yes" clerk didn’t look at the blue one more time when he should take away the red wine.
"Who’s your wife?" As soon as the clerk left the blue, he immediately blushed and stared at Tang Hao’s ambiguous eyes when he left. She couldn’t ignore it if she wanted to.
"You" hugged her. Tang Hao saw that she was red in the face and leaned over to steal a fragrance from her lips.
When she reacted, she was kissed by Tang Hao again. When she tried to push him, he had already let her go first. "You are my wife sooner or later. I don’t mind letting people know the truth. I can’t wait to announce to the world that you are my only wife in this life."
He swore that she was shocked, unable to say anything, and could just listen to him.

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