It was Fuxi and Di Jun who got together again. They were friends five thousand years ago.
No! They have been friends since the day before yesterday, and now the sacrificial rites of the people have become history, and the flesh of the people has been transformed into objects. This kind-hearted race has been inherited in the blood of mankind.
Unexpectedly, Fuxi and Di Jun, two ancient friends, linked their feelings together with the help of Tiantong Eye.
Tiantong sees that there are three artifacts in the future body of Ma Yi. Di Jun Changxi and xi he have turned into three artifacts, and there are still a few remnants in the artifacts.
The perfect fit of three artifact linen in the future is higher than that of Ji Tianci’s Mo Xie.
Although Ji Tianci thinks that the lieutenant Mo Xie is powerful and connected with his own heart, he always thinks that this sword is not the most suitable for him. This may be because the lieutenant Mo Xie, who is a gold clan, has become a Lei sword after being combined, and he is an ancient fire clan. The Lei sword is not so convenient.
It’s true that Ma Yi is a descendant of Guangzu in the future. Di Jun used to be the leader of Guangzu. These two people are the same family. Since she awakened Ma Yi’s future, she has also become a double cultivation of heaven and earth. I didn’t expect her to get three artifacts.
What is even more surprising is that these three artifacts have completed a part of her body, regardless of each other. The future is like a "body" carrying three artifacts, or she has become the soul of these three artifacts.
Ma Yi shed tears in the future. She didn’t know what was going on, but she felt that her soul was singing an everlasting sad song.
Ma Yi Sheng Ping, Lu An and Lu Manwen didn’t speak, and they were also overwhelmed by the sadness that they both gave off.
Ji Tianci closed his eyes for a long time, and there were tears flashing in his eyes. He took a heavy breath and stabilized his mood. When he opened his eyes again, his first sentence was "The future is already S-class extraordinary"
"what!" Ma Yi Sheng Ping was shocked. This was originally exciting news, but it came too suddenly and "stimulated". He couldn’t accept it for a while, acting like he was frightened.
Lu An and Lu Manwen are also stunned to see Ji Tianci and Ma Yi hasn’t slowed down in the future.
"What the hell is going on here?" Ma Yi Sheng Ping stared at Ji Tianci nervously.
"Has she mastered three artifacts?"
When Ji Tianci asked, Luan was also "frightened". He had never heard of any extraordinary person who mastered three artifacts at the same time.
Hemp clothing wins flat no longer hide his quick nodded "these three artifacts are …"
Before the words were finished, Ji Tianci interrupted him. "You don’t say that these three artifacts are Di Jun Changxi xi he. If you regard each artifact as an S-class extraordinary, there will be three S-class extraordinary in the future."
Ma Yi Sheng Ping was surprised by Lu An. He quickly asked, "What do you mean by integration?"
"The transcendental artifact is to use the artifact as a tool, and the future artifact has been completely integrated into her body. In a sense, she is a powerful artifact."
Ma Yi Shengping thought for a while and continued to ask, "Is this like the old generation’s’ merit’ to the younger generation as said in the nine rivers and lakes?"
Ji Tianci was surprised. Mai Shengping must have read a lot of nine martial arts novels.
"In the same novel, it is written that the senior experts give their skills to the younger generation, and the future situation of Ma Yi is that the predecessors will transform themselves into three objects. Is she equipped with armor weapons?"
"Armored weapons?" I don’t understand why linen wins the battle.
"It was me who saw a sword, a mirror and a piece of jade. The sword was a weapon, a fast weapon, and the mirror was a protective device to protect the flesh from harm. That piece of jade was also very good. Even the illusion of her soul could not confuse her. Di Jun was already a top strong person in ancient times, and their artifacts were estimated to be much stronger than ordinary artifacts."
"So she is in an invincible position?" Luan thought that even if Ma Yi won’t sword in the future, the two protective gear artifacts can at least guarantee her immortality.
"I don’t know if this world is stronger than the S-class extraordinary, not to mention the S-class extraordinary, at least for the A-class extraordinary, the future should be the enemy."
"Why didn’t I see those three artifacts?" LuManWen curious asked.
Ji Tianci’s eyes showed an inflammation on his forehead, and the word "inflammation" seemed to glow with a glimmer, covering the future of linen.
"Come out, my friend," Ji Tianci shouted in the depths of her soul.
See Ma Yi’s future body radiate fantastic colorful light, and the light passes through her clothes and slips like water in the presidential suite.
The lights in the room have become strange. They are no longer radiating around, but they violate the common sense of physics, become distorted and converge to the future of Mai Yi like a river.
In a short time, the colorful light disappeared, and she was curious to see a purple sword horse in her right hand. This sword changed colors again, red, orange, yellow, green, indigo and purple changed alternately, and then disappeared, but in a short time, it appeared again, the same color changed alternately, and it was beautiful and dreamy again and again.
Ji Tianci knows that the color change of this sword is actually a spectral change, and it "disappears" because people can’t see infrared and ultraviolet rays.
In the future, a mirror with the same changing color appeared on the chest of Ma Yi, and a crescent-shaped colorful "mark" appeared on her forehead.
"Is this the complete form of the three artifacts?"
Ma Yi Sheng Ping was excited and trembled all over.
The fifth volume God Wars Chapter one hundred and seventeen Nangong Lie’s visit
"How beautiful!" Lu Manwen looked at these three artifacts and thought they were more beautiful than the most dazzling diamonds in the world.
Ji Tianci spread out a picture tube on the table not far from his right hand and bounced off a dark red sword and shot it into Ji Tianci’s right hand.
He clenched his sword without saying anything, and according to linen, he split the future.
Ma Yi Sheng Ping’s fist was about to move when he grasped it, but it stopped.
Dang Yi Ma Yi’s future body is like a curved glass sword surrounded by a circle, and the colorful light is overflowing, while the sword red light scurries around Ma Yi’s future body but never touches her body.
Ma Yi’s future chest mirror has disappeared and it has become the curved glass.
Ji Tianci stumbled back a few steps by the anti-seismic force bomb, and Ma Yi’s future seemed to be nothing.
"Senior Ma Yi, if you are familiar with the S-class extraordinary, you can also try it. I don’t think ordinary S-class extraordinary can break this defense."
Ma Yi Sheng Ping was so excited and delighted that Yu Nai laughed. "I don’t know so many S-class extraordinary people like Jiu You, but I always knew Ma Yi before making general acquaintance. I didn’t expect her defense to be so strong. Your sword is also an artifact … Now it seems that she lacks combat experience. Our plan has to be changed …"
"I think seniors can consider letting the future participate in the highest group of God of War."
Mayi Shengping also thought about the future of Mayi, but said, "I will take part in the God of War, and I will try my best to help you get back the slate. At this time, I will be familiar with the Three Artifacts as soon as possible. I am too lazy to like training. Now I will work hard!"
Ma Yi Sheng Ping didn’t good the spirit way, "You girl wouldn’t say that you are working hard for your family, but then again, I have to find some people to conduct actual combat exercises in the future. I didn’t expect the Three Artifacts to have this effect. If she is really strong, I will let her participate in the God of War, but this event is too dangerous and I have to be cautious."
Ji Tianci knows what danger means when Ma Yi wins the game. There is no danger in its three events, but the organizers of the God of War can guarantee the safety of the contestants and whether they will be "disabled"
"Ma Yi’s predecessor, I think Ma Yi will either not participate in the competition in the future. If he decides to participate, he must have the confidence to win the championship."
"Winner?" Ma Yi Sheng Ping’s heart is pounding.
"I know an S-class extraordinary. Maybe he can test his future strength."
"who?" Hemp clothing wins flat eyes a clot.
"Zhu Yu and I are related." Ji Tianci doesn’t know how to describe himself and Zhu Yu, who has always called himself a "little ancestor" and called him a relative.
Ma Yi Sheng Ping was surprised. This is Jiu You Jian’s long-known S-class extraordinary. More than a month ago, she never thought that Ma Yi could participate in the Goddess Cup in the future, but now she can compete with S-class extraordinary. It’s like a dream.
"But he’s a nine-sword. Is that appropriate?"
Ji Tianci’s concern about winning Ping in white linen is that "I trust this person, and sooner or later, linen will be on the world stage, and her strength will always be known."
"But can he keep it a secret before the game? You know, Jiuyou and our day have been guarding against each other. Although our people are interested in establishing diplomatic relations, our ruling party has been wishing Yu to the United States, which is the top of Jiuyou Sword. I am worried that he will be in danger in the future after knowing his future strength. "
Ji Tianci thought for a moment, "I don’t know whether he will keep a secret or not, but he will definitely not harm the future."
Lu Manwen touched his hair and said, "We won’t tell Zhu Yu that it’s Japanese linen in the future. It’s a big deal to paint a makeup for my future sister."
When everyone’s eyes shine, it’s a way. It’s not difficult to wish Yu.

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