"Hairy ball, little black, come here. Don’t scare the guests."
The hostess called the two dogs back and stared at Xu Damao’s eyes and ran to Ding Qiunan’s leg.
Xu Damao said quickly walked back quickly.
Hairball just wanted to woo Ding Qiunan and touched its head. When it reached its throat, it was immediately taken back.
These dogs are a little strange, except for the two of them and two children, and Wang Yueyue. If they run around the house, these dogs will get angry or bark.
But they won’t talk to you if you run outside.
I don’t know what I think.
Ding Qiunan was also anxious to hear what Xu Damao had to say. She trotted to the backyard.
When Xu Damao went to the backyard, Li Chu was sitting in the pavilion chatting with his brother-in-law
Lou Xiaoe is having fun with her third child and Xiaoyu Slide.
"Da Mao, how did you come back so soon? Is it all over there? "
Li Chu looked up and saw Xu Damao coming.
"It should be said that Qinhuai Ru was not taken away."
"Poof …" Just took a sip of water and Li Chu was sprayed out directly by Xu Damao’s words. Fortunately, he tilted his head to one side.
"What’s the situation? Who took it away? "
Xu Damao walked into the gazebo and sat down on the stool.
Lou Xiaoe also noticed that her husband was back and the two children were playing. She didn’t dare to leave and listen while watching the children.
"Brother-in-law" Xu Damao greeted Wang Wen with a smile and turned to look at "Where’s Sister Qin?"
"I’m asking you a question. What do you want with my sister?"
"Brother Chu has it with Sister Chin."
As soon as his voice fell over there, Li Qin followed Ding Qiunan.
"Da Mao, what’s the matter with me?"
"Jean, I just went back to the courtyard over there. Today is the rain column marrying Qinhuai Ru. As a result, I walked into the hutong and saw several people taking Qinhuai Ru away.
I didn’t know until I walked into the question that the third uncle said that taking Qinhuai Ru was from the inspection Committee because she reported you and my Chuge to the family and took her investigation. "
"What did you say?"
"Who did you say to report? Report me and my sister? "
"Yes," Xu Damao nodded. "The third uncle said so."
Lou Xiaoe over there has been completely unable to sit still. She took two children and came over. Fortunately, the children didn’t make trouble.
"Isn’t she reporting us?"
"It seems to say something about seizing other people’s houses."
How many people look at each other? What’s all this about?
Li Qin looked at Xu Damao with some doubts and asked, "Damao, do you mean that someone reported that I and Xiao Chu had seized other people’s houses and then she was taken away by the inspection Committee for investigation?"
"Yes, that’s what I heard."
Li Chu looked at her sister and her wife. What was this? Why did she report us and she was taken away instead?
No, he suddenly reacted to one thing. Even if he wants to check it, it’s not up to the inspection Committee. He’s in the army.
There is also Li Qin. As far as he knows, he speaks according to the confidentiality level. It should be Liu Shu’s unit that is responsible for checking Li Qin.
Of course, Liu Shu has retired. To be precise, his parents and comrades-in-arms have all retired in the past few years, and the directors have changed two.
But now he also knows all these people.
"I’ll make a phone call and ask" Li Qin said, and turned to go to the Intermediate People’s Court.
"Sister, who are you going to ask later?"
Wang Wen grabbed Li Qin with one hand. "What are you worried about later?"
After being pulled, Li Qin thought for a moment. She was also at a loss and really didn’t know who to ask.
"Elder sister, don’t worry. I estimate that those who take away Qinhuai Ru should not be the inspection committee."
"Elder sister, have you forgotten where your file is?"
Li Qin thought for a moment before he was sure and said, "Xiao Chu, do you mean those people are …"
I haven’t finished because there are outsiders here
Chapter three hundred and ninety-two Angry
Xu Damao’s heart is like a mirror at the moment. Half of what others say means that he can’t know and he doesn’t want to know. It’s not necessarily good to know more.

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