In a short time, the stone-drawing man who was elected by the public has come to both sides in a silly way.
Obviously, both sides believe in this thin as a skeleton and some stupid.
Wuma Huan is now in charge of guarding the magical temple of Wendaoshan, and gave him a vacant post as a deacon of Wendaoshan, which is considered to be a serious post in the magical temple.
Now, although he is still stuttering as usual, and his mind is like a child, Xiu has not dropped a point. He is already a star of condensation, dzogchen.
At the moment, he smiled stupidly at the onlookers, and the monks looked forward to it. They pulled out two silk threads and involved stones!
At the same time, Xi said, "Good … fun bottles are still needed."
Waiting aside for a long time, middle-aged people will quickly pull for fear that this silly smoke is too much.
He ruined the boss’s strength by cajoling and cheating, and then everyone laughed and "grabbed" two small stones in the hands of Wu Ma Huan.
This just took a long breath and looked at it, and then held it high around to show it to the quartet and drank "the first bullying against Haoyang Shenjun"
This is a four-way laugh.
And haoyang old man’s eyes flashed a trace of disdain.
Because everyone can see that the bullying little’ outlaw’ four-person middle school is afraid that the minimum is definitely not more than the attainments of Shenying Array. Although it is not weak, it can’t instantly display the fifth-order array. How can it be an opponent of Shenying’s seven-story Haoyang old man?
This battle is in suspense.
Even many practitioners are waiting for this little thing to admit defeat directly at the moment.
At this moment, the old man Haoyang has wandered back and stood on the huge and broken stone platform.
His hair and beard are glowing with light gold, and his back is combed in a bun with a gold hairpin, which is as dark as a light bulb.
His clothes are also simple and light yellow, and he has a somewhat worldly elegance.
A pair of slender old eyes are flashing, and the cold mountain is almost contemptuously locked to Luoyun, who has not yet been out of the battle. "Little friends claim to be bullying, so they hesitate to come and try?" Are you afraid? "
The four disciples immediately booed.
"Give it a try …"
Obviously, this burst of yelling is full of contempt and provocation.
While Xiao Luoyun raised his hands on the mound to stop the four sides yelling with great seriousness.
He looked at the crowd and surprised, and his eyes stepped out with pride!
Immediately, the old man in Haoyang, Zhang Yizhi, smiled very politely. "~ Will I be afraid of you being a smelly old man when I’m bullying?"
"hmm ~?" Haoyang old man was the first time he met someone who dared to call him that, and suddenly he was dumbfounded.
Luo Yun saw hurriedly pretend to be arrogant and said, "Er … Haoyang smelly old man, right? Don’t pretend that your complex facial features can’t cover up your trembling old heart after seeing little master! "
When this statement came out, there was an uproar.
The andao is so arrogant. Look at this posture. I really dare to take up the battle. Was it that I deliberately concealed my strength in the past?
At the moment, Haoyang’s old man’s heart is also suspicious.
However, although he is a casual practitioner, he has been famous for a long time and is old-fashioned. How can he be easily scared if he is decisive?
"Hum ~ small arrogance!" He stuffy hum a "that will call you try the old …"
And Xiao Luoyun stretched out his hand at the sight of this old guy and wanted to beat him. He immediately stretched out his hand to stop "Wait? Eh ~ Do you understand the rules? Do you understand? "

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