It is much easier to guard a demon mirror!
It’s impossible to cross the roots of these glazed palaces!
The monkey pointed forward and shouted, without hesitation for a moment, qi and blood rose and strode towards the demon mirror!
Even if the front is the whole glass palace monkey, it will be crushed!
"kill! Kill! Kill! "
Many monks in the Glass Palace roared and shot at the same time.
The flying sword is broken
If the monkey doesn’t see the speed, his body wriggles to avoid the key, directly leans out the huge rough palm and slaps it hard!
Poof! Poof! Poof!
Monkey body suddenly added a few wounds.
There is a wound that shows even the white bone!
The monkey frowned, and the yoshimitsu in his eyes was stronger than the palm of his hand, which directly fanned the monks in front of the glass palace!
Kaka, Kaka!
These monks in the Coloured Glass Palace are still half-built, and then they have a fracture.
Even the monk’s body in the glass palace can’t bear a blow from the monkey!
Too fierce!
Monkeys kill all the way, regardless of their own lives!
Even if he is injured, he will spell out the glass palace monk!
Although these monks in the Coloured Glass Palace are considered to be the best in the family, they have experienced several life-and-death wars, but they have never seen such bloody and brutal means!
The monkey’s eyes have all been dyed red with blood!
A pair of bloody eyes at night!
Brighter than the stars hanging in the sky!
No one dares to look at each other with bloody eyes!
Bloody eyes are alive!
A hidden power in the depths of the monkey’s blood is quietly awakened!
This is the unique power of the blood apes!
The monkey roared to the sky and fell into a frenzy!
No reason, no thinking
There is only one thought left in my mind-killing!
What’s really scary is that in this violent state, the monkey’s strength is soaring and the speed is soaring, and the roots can’t feel physical pain!
The killing won’t stop until he is badly hurt!

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