Liu Yingying doesn’t like the ram feather to send a message, "wood blade is too disadvantaged to be a Taoist sword."
Ram feather said, "Little girl, I don’t understand this. wood blade, an old goat, is a magic weapon made of dragon wood. Besides, over the years, people have raised swords and raised swords for everyone, and it is far better than not using weapons."
Chu Xianliu said, "The old poor man is right, and the girl is kind."
Chapter 27 Weirdo
Liang Xiao said coldly, "Miss Liu, please give me Chang Jian."
Liu Yingying asked, "Is this your thing?"
Liang Xiaodao said, "This is uncle’s thing, not me or you."
Liu Yingying said, "It’s a pity that you are still nothing."
Liang Xiao gas extremely cold hum a Liu Yingying quarrel accounted for the wind secretly pleased.
Ram feather said, "Where are we going to fight here? The world is too small."
Chu Xianliu chuckled, "It’s not that heaven and earth are too small, but that you are too poor."
Ram feather sneers, "Old goat, if you are magnanimous, dare you let me set your Tianxiang Villa on fire?"
Chu Xianliu said indifferently, "Residual red floating is a common thing in the world. Burn it if you want."
Ram feather said, "Interesting old goat is really different now. I will wait for you in the middle of the lake." Say that Ram feather vibrates his robe sleeve and steps on the water. Ling Bo suddenly disappears far away.
Chu Xianliu smiled and went to the two beautiful masters to compete with the sword in Taihu Lake.
Liu Yingying looked at the lake and lamented that she didn’t cross the Taihu Lake. Liang Xiao said, "Yun Shu, don’t you go and see your master and Chu Xianliu compare swords?"
"Brother Liang is going, too?" asked Yun Shu.
Liang Xiaodao "go and have a look"
Liu Yingying asked, "Can you two swim across Taihu Lake, too?"
Liang Xiaodao is "really stupid"
Liu Yingying said, "Who are you talking about?"
Liang Xiaodao "naturally says you"
Yun Shu smiled and said, "You are not different, but you are also good at faking things." Although we can’t be as successful as my master, we can still log boats. "
A few neither thick nor thin trees in the eastern forest were broken by Liang Xiao, and Yun Shu followed them to bark, and then they were rubbed into ropes by Liang Xiao’s wishful magic hand. It took less than half a meal to make a raft, and it took several people to cross the raft for a long time, but only a hundred feet to see two figures coming and going at the junction of water and sky in the distance, as if the sword and the fairy were fighting.
Not to mention the fight between the two men, but it is said that after Li Zhichang left Taihu Lake, he wanted to take back Chang Jian. However, he and Chang Jian are always together, and they have a profound understanding of each other. This taste is not another kind of bondage. He decided to abandon his sword and practice for a while and tried not to feel around Chang Jian.
There are still a few months before the Mid-Autumn Festival. Although Li Zhichang sensed Chu Xianliu in Taihu Lake, he was not prepared to fight with him immediately. He hoped that Chu Xianliu could be upgraded in the past few months before he could rest assured that after the first world war, Chu Xianliu’s swordsmanship was not only divided into fragrant swordsmanship, but Li Zhichang’s pure qi induction realized that Chu Xianliu was now in a state of fencing, which was like a feeling, a feeling and a feeling.
This is another mystery. Although the ram feather is close to Li Zhichang, he is also willing to give this opponent to Chu Xianliu to let him go further. Although he is a peerless master, he does not value the outcome, life and death, success or failure, success or failure, honor or disgrace are not what the monk pursues, even martial arts is not the real way. Playing against Li Zhichang is not that kind of feeling that can stimulate Li Zhichang’s life and death.
Jiuru can’t really fight with Li Zhichang to the death. They are compared with a physical avatar, Li Zhichang. Although it is powerful, it is still not great. Jiuru monk’s realm is far from being rigid and flexible, but it is really difficult for them to collide with a spark of enlightenment.
This day came to the Yellow River. Since the rise of Mongols, they occupied the north and paid no attention to the grooming of the Yellow River waterway. Nowadays, the Yellow River floods every year, causing people on both sides of the strait to be displaced. The people can only rely on the belief in gods and buddhas, but the temple incense in this area is much more prosperous than before.
In the past hundred years, the jackal has been in power, and the state of Jin has destroyed Liao, Meng, Yuan and Jin, and the fire has been raging all over the world. The people don’t know this great disaster, but they have to believe in the Buddha and seek peace of mind.
Li Zhichang looked at secretly sighing, and then there was a cry among the refugees. It turned out that several big lamas broke into the refugees and forcibly took away several delicate-looking women. It was the first time that Li Zhichang had lived for so long to see the scene of robbing women in broad daylight. Since such evil things happened before him, he could not ignore it.
Everyone has compassion. Li Zhichang slowly stepped out and stopped a few big lamas in front of him and said lightly, "Let these women let you go."
A Lama jabbered impatiently in Li Zhichang’s different languages. "You don’t speak Chinese?"
These lamas are jabbering again. How can Li Zhichang talk to these lamas? These lamas are also coming towards Li Zhichang to see their pace. They should have practiced their fists and fists. The moves are simple but powerful. No wonder no one can afford them when they rush into the refugees.
Li Zhichang didn’t wait for them to come near to protect themselves. These lamas suffered a tremendous force and fell off. The lamas learned a lot and fled to the northeast of Li Zhichang. They were too lazy to chase those bitter women. Li Zhichang rescued them and thanked one of the refugees. An old man said, "The Taoist priest fled quickly. Since the defeat of the true religion, the Taoist temple on the north side of the Yellow River was almost occupied by monks. Just now, those lamas heard that if the Taoist priest in Beijing slowed down, they would find help or attract loyalists."
Li Zhichang asked, "Do the old lamas hate many people at ordinary times? Where is their lair?"
The old man said, "The Taoist priest still wants to go to their temple, so don’t go there. There are hundreds of lamas in their temple, and they are all lean and strong, even if they rely on the capital, they dare not control it."
Li Zhichang laughed. "The government dare not take care of me."
The old man said, "Today, when I worship Buddha and suppress Taoism, if I go to provoke that group of lamas, it will definitely attract the government. This is a bitter experience for me. If the Taoist leader leads the high strength, it is better to go to the south than to stay in the north."

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