Mo Xiaoyi is so angry! Confidence? My Lord! You’re not tied up like this, and you’re probably going to gag!’
See MoXiaoYi that a pair of bitter gourd face appearance MoZhuang feeling very ashamed to shake head, "go! So rude, don’t let it bother you to see you less. "
And he didn’t forget to laugh at Luo Yu. "I don’t know the rules. Don’t take it amiss."
Chou the eye is shaking his head and leaving with a sigh. Mo Xiaoyi sighed, "Where is where?" Mo Shao personally went out to meet such a sincere ghost. I am grateful to come! "
Mo Zhuangwen immediately laughed and held his head proudly.
As for Luoyu Mozhuang, Mo Tong was sitting not far behind Mozhuang. Although she seemed to meditate, her eyes never left Luoyu.
Mo Xiao, a face of depression, came to Mo Tong’s side with a butt and sat down.
See his head muttering "elder sister, you really don’t go to see the ghost face? If you say that again, you can’t keep your mouth shut … "
Smell Mo Xiao’s words and Mo Tong wakes up instantly! Andao,’ Wouldn’t it be …!’
Seeing that she hesitated for a moment, she got up.
There is a man and a woman sitting on one side of the stone platform near the water on which Mojia is located.
Both of them were silent, and the atmosphere was a little awkward.
Luo Yu is the first time to see this Miss Mo’s family, but somehow she gives birth to a sense of deja vu!
Look at this Mo Tong’s well-proportioned figure. At the moment, his face is a little stiff. If the jade is smooth and white, his facial features are exquisite and picturesque. There is a small mole in the corner of his eye, which makes her eyes look like autumn water. She is wearing a purple dress. Fei Xia’s long hair is like flowing clouds, and she is accompanied by her shoulders and neck wrapped in a wind scarf, which floats gently with the night wind.
At the moment, her eyebrows are frowning, her eyes are not frowning, and she looks like she likes it. She is looking slightly sideways at the misty lake on the stone stage.
See Shui Ze glow reflected her white cheeks faint light glow!
Luo Yu wondered, "Mo Xian … Mo Xian?"
Mo Tong startled to look back and asked, "Fairy? Where is the fairy? "
I can’t figure out where I’ve heard it when I smell it!
Seeing Luo Yu’s puzzled eyes, Mo Tong hurried, so her daughter shyly tried to keep her voice down. "So Mr. is talking about me?"
Luo Yu’s heart is cold.’ Maybe you don’t even know if you are a man or a woman?’
No matter if Luo Yu wants to, Mo Tong heard Luo Yu calling himself immortal. There was a burst of joy in her heart, but her expression did not change, so she was still shy and said, "Mo Tong should not be immortal."
"Where where! The word "fairy" should be ashamed. Luo Yu seems to be very stiff when he talks to this Mo Tong, as if he were deliberately restraining himself.
Mo’s worship of ancestors and chivalrous style should be free and easy! Thinking of this, Luo Yu quickly said, "Mo Xian should have heard that the ghost is a casual practitioner, and you and I are not honest with each other?"
"hmm?" As soon as Mo Tong heard that his shoulders were loose, he immediately changed to sit on his knees!
Seeing her hand beating her shoulder while turning the other arm, she stole a look at Luo Yu, who was smiling on the front, and muttered something, "Tell me earlier! If I had said you liked it, I wouldn’t be so tired and suffocated! "
Los feather smell startled heart way’ what do you mean I like this? I don’t care? I wonder what else we have?’
Los feather is I don’t know what he Mo Tong is really …
Before he wanted to see Mo Tong more, he asked strangely, "Didn’t you say that men like to be shy?"
"Well ….." See Luo Yu with an embarrassed smile. "Not really, not really!"
"Radish vegetables? Each has his own love? " Repeating this new phrase, Mo Tong turned and said, "What do you think of me?"
"This …!" Luo Yu looked at Mo Tong’s seven-point expectation and three-point shyness, and the more he felt that the conversation was a bit off topic! I regret coming to Mojia even more.
Seeing this, he also had to bite the bullet and praise "Mo Xian …!"
Mo Tong stared at Luo Yu, thinking or not, and corrected, "Call elder sister …!"
See los feather a startled expression! She quickly changed her tune and said, "Forget it. You can call it whatever you want."
Luo Yu nodded and smiled awkwardly, then praised, "Mo Xianyue’s flowers are handsome and heroic, and a ghost can’t help but think of a woman disguised as a man’s flowers and trees …"
But when Luo Yu was preparing Mulan as a metaphor, he saw Mo Tong listening to the word "disguised as a man" and suddenly sat up and pointed to the northwest and interrupted, "What disguised as a man? Uncle Jiu has gone back to Mo’s house. He is my brother! "
With that, Mo Tong peeked at Luo Yu nervously.’ Does he see that Uncle Nine is me? Is this so good …?’
Don’t panic in children’s hearts is less than half a breath.
Suddenly! See los feather is nervously retreat stretched out his hand and denied "I didn’t say nine big ye! Don’t frame … Wait! What did you say?/Sorry? Uncle Jiu went back to Mo’s house? "
Seeing that Luo Yu didn’t seem to see that he was Uncle Nine, Mo Tong immediately regained some momentum, but still stared at Luo Yu nervously and nodded, "Yes ~ Go back!"
As soon as Luo Yu heard it, the stone fell in his heart. He wiped his forehead with cold sweat, relieved his mouth and muttered, "It’s good to go back."
Looking up, Luo Yu saw that Mo Tong’s white cheeks were getting more and more red. He wondered, "Mo Xian’s face is as red as fire, but she is not feeling well?"
"ah! ?” Mo Tong suddenly woke up and touched his cheek and quickly denied that "nothing!"
Looking at the face more and more red, Mo Tong Luoyu felt that the atmosphere was inexplicably more embarrassing.

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