Immediately, a deserted young man came to pick up a whore and gave the fat old man a sharp cut on the back of his head. At the same time, he swore, "He’s lazy when his mother gets it. I called you kind, and I told you to dare to be kind …!"
"pa pa" is rising and falling with the left and right waves, which is very beautiful.
The fat old man held his head in one hand and lifted the fan in the other, struggling to keep out the timid way. "Men stop, men stop!" You’re young … How can you be rude to me? Not smell … "
Ranging from talking about the young man, he held down the fat old man’s fat neck and cruelly crushed a pile of sweaty clothes in front of him and rubbed them back and forth hard.
At the same time, an evil threat "call you smell! If you can’t finish washing these clothes before dark, wouldn’t it be nice for grandpa to bake your belly tonight? "
Hearing this, the fat old son winced and begged for mercy. "Don’t make it!"! Diligence is kindness and kindness, and it’s also a great kindness. I’ll do good … "
With that, he grabbed the dirty and smelly clothes to be washed and began to "do good" in panic
The young man snorted softly and spat, "If it weren’t for the castellan, your brothers in the village would have skinned you, a thief and bald donkey alive!"! Hum ~ If you dare to be lazy again, you won’t survive tonight! Be careful for grandpa? "
The fat old son nodded "Yes … Yes" while he was busy washing clothes.
Seeing this young man habitually facing the fat old son’s shiny back and a sole, he chuckled contentedly, shook his head and turned away.
Not to mention that once the fat old man was beaten, he worked very hard and gradually scrubbed in order. He was so busy that he even hummed a tune.
"Ah ~ … shoes are rags and a fan is broken. Oh, you laugh at me. He laughs at me. I look down at the meat. I walk, walk, have fun, and have fun. I can’t get rid of tenderness …"
Minor rhyming waves and sea breeze accompaniment also have a special flavor.
Soon the hard-working fat old man was left by the beach reef.
But at this time, I don’t know from the side, but the old man was hoarse and confused!
"What are you … doing?"
This world is as dark as night, and NO FENG フウカ stops, and the waves rest and all is silent
The perception seems to have stopped for a moment.
Chapter 671 Seven steps lead to lotus nirvana.
"What are you … doing?"
I don’t know from the side of the desert reef, but there was a hoarse questioning!
This world is as dark as night, and NO FENG フウカ stops, and the waves rest and all is silent
It seems that the perception has been stilled for a moment, such as invading the ink landscape painting.
At the moment, the fat old son is still busy with his work.
He was a little surprised, as if Xi Chang were in a good mood, like saying back to an old friend, "I ~ let go, let go, and cross my heart."
"Cross the heart? Ah ~ "hoarse and full of sarcasm" crossing others or yourself? "
The fat old man wiped his sweat with his sleeves first and then said, "What’s the difference?" ….. In the past, I traveled all over Qian Shan to give lectures. Those who deserve to cross in the Spring and Autumn Period … all have to cross. "
He asked hoarsely, "Is there anyone who can’t cross the river?"
"Naturally" Fat old son nodded.
Hum and laugh huskily. "It seems that you can’t cross the road through the Dharma."
The fat old man smiled and shook his head slightly. "Those who can’t cross the river must cross it. It’s just that I can’t learn the law and I don’t really suffer."
Laughing hoarsely and sarcastically, "If you say it, it’s still your road that won’t work."
The fat old man stopped moving his hand and looked up at the still star sea with a little smile and compassion. "If I want to achieve, I will be nirvana. You must … want me to be nirvana."
Surrounded by silence, the fat old man still overlooks the Xinghai scroll.
In a short time, the faint figure has moved forward strangely, and then a fuzzy old man dressed in black appears in front of him
Although the old man’s long hair hangs freely from left to right, it looks like a ghost, but whether it is a face or a fat body, it is as fat as an old man.
He looked at the fat old man with his back hand undisguised and sarcastic. "You know very well that I am you and you are me. If you don’t nirvana, you will always get rid of me and become a Buddha. You were not greedy, angry and stupid! If you really want sex, where can I come from? "
"Yes ~!" The fat old man nodded with emotion. "People’s hearts are half demons and half buddhas. I have long realized that it is time for me to be born."
The old man in black showed a satisfied smile. "But you know that after your nirvana, I am me, you are you, you go to bliss and I return this person six times. At that time, I will definitely destroy your teachings. Aren’t you afraid?"
The fat old man shook the broken fan in his hand, but he couldn’t feel the faint breeze. He said, "My Dhamma Kanan is the Dharma, and no evil force can destroy it."
The old man in black laughed and said, "Justice will never die, and evil will never die. Although you are aware of Buddhism, not everyone believes in you in the six ways. In the future, my disciples will have a lot of human nature, and it will be difficult to learn and learn, won’t it?" When you are in nirvana, fewer and fewer people will believe in you and more and more people will believe in me. "
The fat old man frowned slightly. "It’s not good for you to destroy my teachings. The light of Canaan shines on good people and evil, just like you. If the teachings are over, your blessings will come to an end. Waiting for you is hell, and you will suffer all kinds of hardships in the hell."
The old man in black nodded approvingly, but he said with certainty, "I know you won’t lie, but … you also know that I will try to avoid hell."
"Good, good ~" The fat old man recited the Buddha with one hand folded, saying, "There are many lines of injustice in the causal cycle, and there is no way to avoid it!"
The old man in black doesn’t agree with smiling proudly. "The sage is always happy, and I am always happy."
You should know that you … can’t compete with me in following the wishes of ordinary people.
You are strict in discipline and strongly emphasize the harm of greed to teach people to stay away from greed and ignorance, while I comply with the repressed desires in the hearts of ordinary people to satisfy their hidden desires.
If all beings really have no greed, where can there be you and me? Where are people divided into six ways? "
The fat old man sighed, "I have a mantra that can lead all beings to positive results."
The old man in black is relatively unwilling to give up half a step. "Your method is really profound and can be described as pure land, but it is too pure and pure to be detached from the secular, unlike people."
You know, if the water is clear, the fish method is clear, and the mystery is in the sky. I’m afraid this is also the reason why you hope for bliss in the afterlife after preaching.
Besides, the classic is whether the dead words should enlighten all living beings or need the guidance of teachers. "
The fat old son added, "I have a younger brother to learn from."
The old man in black laughed at the sky. "~ Your brother will have a long life and wants to educate all living beings. You won’t refuse me to accept your brother’s teachings in the future, will you?"
The fat old man nodded "no"
The old man in black showed satisfaction and laughed. "At that time, I told my disciples to mix in with your brother, wear your Garner’s vestment and break your Garner’s Dharma. They will misinterpret your scriptures and break your precepts so that I can’t reach a high level under your control today …"
The fat old man was silent for a long time after hearing the words of the old man in black.
After a long time, his two lines of tears slowly flowed.

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