"Pink dream? This name is very beautiful and appropriate. "
Immediately asked, "by the way, what are you doing planting pink dreams in your yard?" It is very inconvenient to have these flowers in and out. Just now, if I didn’t react quickly enough, I might not be in a dreamland. "
Although not many people come to this small courtyard, there are always a few people coming every once in a while.
"It’s really inconvenient, but I don’t know where to plant it. Why don’t you find me a place to plant pink dreams?"
Mu Yan ran’s cultivation of illusion pink dream is very important to her.
Ling Youdao wanted to think and said, "There are many pools in Qingcang Mountain. Just find a hidden place to plant pink dreams and report them to the family."
Mu Yan ran personally excavated the pink dream. It took a lamp of tea to dig out more than 30 pink dreams and put them in the jade box.
She clapped her hands and laughed. "Brother Youdao, let’s go."
The two royal swords flew out of the seven-room courtyard and looked at the crossing of the dotted pool. "What do you think is appropriate?"
Mu Yan ran carefully watched it again, pointing to a pool and said, "Brother Youdao, look there."
Ling Youdao looked in the direction pointed by her finger and laughed. "You actually chose Jade Pond."
"What’s the matter? But Jade Lake is really beautiful. "
Ling Youdao smiled with a wave. "There is nothing that I used to practice near the Jade Lake before, but I have never been there since I built the foundation."
Mu Yan ran said, "Pink Dream is not suitable for growing in an environment that is too wet and dry. I think it should be suitable there."
"Go to the field and have a look."
Said ling Youdao, the royal sword flew towards the jade pond, and longed for Yan ran to follow him and soon came to the jade pond.
Looking at the surrounding scenery, Mu Yan ran couldn’t help but exclaim, "The environment here is good, giving people a fresh feeling. No wonder Brother Youdao liked practicing here before."
"To start? Is it suitable for pink dream growth here? "
After hearing this, she felt it carefully again before affirming that "this place is really good and suitable for the growth of pink dreams"
"You wait for me here, I’ll plant the pink dream here first."
Say mu Yan ran to a relatively flat shore, took out the pink dreams in the jade box and planted them in the soil.
One plant after another is just a cup of tea, and more than 30 pink dreams have been planted.
The rhizome of pink dream grows rapidly and goes deep into the soil, at the same time, a faint flower fragrance is emitted.
Mu Yan ran seems to be unaffected by walking.
Ling Youdao looked at all this and he couldn’t say anything in his heart.
"Yan ran was not affected by the pink dream flowers. Does he have any special method? Just ask later. "
Mu Yan ran back and smiled. "Brother Youdao, let’s go and report to the family."
Once again, the two men flew directly to the family hall in the middle of Qingcang Mountain.
They are not worried that the pink dream was stolen, but worried that the family monks did not know the situation and mistakenly broke into the pink dream land and fell into a dreamland.

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