Nervous again, he is worried that he will really strangle the ungrateful woman.
Jason was ordered to find Alger Road and told Alger that Tang Hao was abnormal. Alger smiled very proudly. Jason stopped and picked up Alger’s collar. "Say if you did something."
"Let go" and waved Jason’s hand. Alger didn’t good the spirit while sorting out his messed-up collar. "You are a lout. You know that violence is influenced by your hands. How can a woman like violence easily?"
"What are you talking about?" Jason frowned and felt that Alger had done something they didn’t know.
"Say what?" Alger asked back and then answered ambitiously, "Women, of course."
"Miss has done something to annoy the master?" Donna Jason is also a hundred and a thousand masters are not worth it.
Love that will torment women can be said to be the master’s disaster.
"Look at you, you are such a loser. Even you can think that Donna’s troubles are her own." Alger couldn’t stand the expression on his face and wished that his hand could have a piece of wood to wake Jason and also wake Tang Hao. "Can’t you worry about other women?"
"There is no other woman around the other woman’s master." Stop talking. Jason looked at Alger in disbelief. "You mean blue."
Get Alger Gherardini nod Jason completely horrified "no way, last night, the host was addicted to alcohol because of blue. How can the host finish the epidemic on women except Miss Donna?"
"The epidemic is so over" Alger raised his eyebrows and asked "Where did he go last night?"
If his news is correct, Hao stayed at the villa in Lan last night, but he didn’t know what it was. According to Jason, the situation was mostly because Lan was angry and went back to headquarters to borrow wine to drown his sorrows.
"Villa" Jason’s conscious answer flashed through Tang Hao’s gloomy face. He looked at Alger. "Alger, do you know anything?"
"I’m a doctor and I don’t know anything else." Alger left a clean joke. Now Hao and Lan are still in an unstable relationship. If he recruits him, he will be tired of living.
"Go mystifying, be careful, joy begets sorrow." Jason stepped forward unexpectedly and walked on. There was still something in his heart that he couldn’t figure out what blue was so cold and a person’s master looked at her.
What is the result of icebergs on icebergs? Jason hopes that the sky will definitely not melt.
"I can’t see that you, a foreigner, have a high attainments in Chinese. When you say two idioms," Alger took a few quick steps to take Jason’s shoulders and let him go together.
"You are not a foreign country.
"Aren’t you a foreigner?" Jason squinted at Alger.
"We all are" Alger laughed and laughed.
When I came to Tang Hao’s office, Jason knocked on the door and got a response before pushing the door and walking in. "The master, Dr. Alger, has arrived."
"Hao" Alger smiled and sat on the sofa. "I heard you wanted to see me."
"Well," Tang Hao said coldly, "I have something to ask you."
"Yeah, I’m sure I can’t say enough." Alger sat on the sofa opposite Tang Hao and saw Jason go out. Yang stopped Jason. "Jason, I haven’t had breakfast yet. Remember to buy me one when you buy it for Tang Hao."
Jason’s answer is a hard door.
"Hao, your hands are getting more and more arrogant than you, the master." Alger is very koo
"I’m not teasing you." Tang Hao’s face is getting darker and darker. If you want to think of that damn woman, his anger will soar.
"What’s the matter?" Alger was puzzled.
"What did you say to her yesterday?" Tang Hao asked directly without beating around the bush with him.
"She" Alger stared blankly for a few seconds and quickly said, "I didn’t see Donna yesterday"
That is to say, Alger’s heart is so happy that he really loves blue. Otherwise, how could he be angry and addicted to blue? I didn’t see the bottle around the office. It must be good for people to clean it up.
"Alger" Tang Hao coldly warned him to pretend that he didn’t understand it again.
"It’s not Donna." Alger frowned and then a face suddenly realized. "That’s blue. I gave blue a physical examination yesterday without even saying a word. I always remember your warning."
Alger still remembers a time when she took the initiative to go to the villa to give Lan a physical examination, revealing some important secrets intentionally, so that it doesn’t matter who the father of Lan Bai Tang Hao was when she gave birth to a baby.
Lan remembered his words at that time, decisively chose the test tube and asked him to supply her with goods. He told Tang Hao to change it to blue and asked him to help her find a man. At that time, Hao was so angry that he went to the villa.
I feel that when I told him about it, he had a good time.
"Do you really remember how dare you say those words to her?" Tang Hao decided that after Lan was transferred to the villa, except for two servants in the villa who could see people, two servants, Alger and himself, were responsible for taking care of Lan’s daily life and knew a little about their plans.
I have never seen myself in front of Blue, and the only person who may tell her is Alger.
"Those words" Alger asked "What did I say?"
He said a lot to Lan, but he didn’t remember that sentence.
"She said yesterday that she was willing to give birth to my baby and asked me when I would make a test tube." Tang Hao looked at Alger with sharp eyes as if to put him in the year. "Damn it, how would she know this if you didn’t tell her to make a test tube?"
Blue wants a test-tube baby, and it depends on whether he wants it or not.
"Hao" Alger woke up faintly. "Blue was born as an agent. She knows much more than you think. Our drugs limited her skills without disturbing her thinking."
Tang Hao one leng instantly white Alger meaning suddenly feel make a mountain out of a molehill raised his hand and waved "it’s okay, you go out to busy".
He shouldn’t ask Alger what Alger did. He instructed him. How can he blame him?
"Hao, it’s not like you." Alger wanted to say something but was interrupted by Tang Haoshen to "get out."
He doesn’t want to hear anything. He wants to think about what to do with that woman.
He needs to think about whether to make a test tube to get umbilical cord blood as she wishes or to array it himself.
Tang Hao doesn’t want to listen to Alger, so it’s impossible to listen to him without saying anything.
When she got up, Alger said, "In fact, you don’t have to face her. If she gives birth to a baby, the umbilical cord blood will come from the baby and who is the father of the baby."
"Roll" growl Tang Hao brush up LengLi eyes toward Alger as if Alger is his enemy.
The achievement of the goal also angered Tang Hao, the sleeping lion, and Alger immediately ran away with oil on his feet.
Hearing the door, Tang Hao sat back on the sofa and raised his hand and rubbed his eyebrows. Alger said that if they had a baby, who was the father of the baby and the umbilical cord blood? Damn it, he wanted him to accept the baby. If he didn’t, he might as well kill him:
Chapter 159 Brother forever
Tangjia villa
In the hall, a maid knelt on the ground, her face was as white as paper, her body trembled slightly, and she kowtowed in tears for mercy. "I’m sorry, miss, I know I made a mistake, so I must be careful and ask miss to forgive me this time."
Don’t you dare to sit on the sofa again. Donna’s face sank and she looked at the housekeeper. Robert, didn’t you hear me when I told you to call the police?
When the maid heard the alarm, she cried and threw herself at Donna’s feet. "I won’t dare. I won’t dare again, miss. I was wrong. I was really wrong. Please don’t send me to the police station. I really know I was wrong."
"Don’t go to the police station" Donna smiled strangely and her face was full of sarcasm. "Then just forget it, okay?"
Stop kowtowing and move. The maid shrank her neck and wanted to say yes. I raised my red forehead and saw Donna’s face with a strange smile. I couldn’t say anything in my throat.

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