Thinking about thinking about that feeling of palpitation that makes Feng Zichen uncomfortable has resurfaced.
Not good!
First of all, Feng Zichen’s face changed completely when he was stupefied. Being in the nebula can make him feel palpitation. What does this say about the coming danger? Even the nebula may not be able to stop it.
Read the wind zichen face more and more ugly.
"Trouble chaos fiend is forced to be nasty this time to be serious"
At this time, Feng Zichen almost guessed the reason why Chaos Fiend attacked him. He repeatedly calculated that his anger was hard to contain and decided to erase him by moving the chassis.
Although I don’t know how chaos fiend will deal with himself, it is hard to imagine how chaos fiend will deal with him only from the heart palpitation feeling wind Zichen.
Or the wind zichen look down upon chaos fiend. If I had known that chaos fiend had such a means, the wind zichen would not have been so cruel when she had previously calculated chaos fiend.
But it’s no use regretting now. Chaos fiend’s murder has been decided, and Zichen can stop it.
The first thing the eye should do is to strengthen its defense as much as possible, and the second thing is to find out what kind of way chaos fiend is going to deal with him.
Only by figuring out the chaotic fiend means can Feng Zichen formulate appropriate defense means to prepare the first-stage plan.
The wind zichen moved in her heart, and the stars suddenly burst into light, and the Milky Way’s cosmic light array quietly ran, and the mighty Milky Way’s stars were rushing and shining.
At this moment, the wind zichen urged the Milky Way Grand Array, but he did not move it. The power of the Milky Way Grand Array moved a part to manifest the first form of the Array.
The milky way, the universe, the light array, the wind, the palpitation in Zichen’s heart gradually became weak and then disappeared
However, Feng Zichen’s face did not become relaxed, but became more and more nervous and absorbed in physical changes.
Sure enough, after a few years of kung fu, the familiar palpitation feeling reappeared in Feng Zichen’s heart, and it became stronger and stronger with the passage of time, which made Feng Zichen uncontrollable.
At this time, Feng Zichen still didn’t know that Chaos fiend wanted Hezhong manpower to curse and kill him.
Thousands of years have passed, and the chaotic fiend has been combined to build an altar to curse Feng Zichen.
And with the more perfect the preparation of chaos fiend, the closer the shadow of death is to Feng Zichen.
With such a death threat, Feng Zichen will naturally feel palpitation, which is his way to warn him.
The stronger the palpitation feeling, the closer it is to the chaotic fiend’s hand against the wind Zichen.
The wind zichen manipulated the regeneration and change of the Milky Way’s cosmic light array, and the second form quietly appeared. The Pentium Milky Way converged and the cosmic light condensed, and soon a huge wheel appeared in the star.
That’s when the wheel has twisted virtual power, the palpitation disappears again when the wheel appears instantly.
However, the wind Zichen did not stop urging the large array of the Milky Way to see more and more starlight converge towards the wheel to make it slowly turn.
Picture in that future are quietly reflected by the time wheel.
Feng Zichen is trying to pry into the future by using the power of the wheel. He wants to see what chaos fiend will do to deal with him.
As the hour wheel rotates, more and more future pictures are reflected.
Then Feng Zichen saw a horrible light about 3,000 years later, emitting all kinds of unknown gas. I don’t know where it came from, but it went through the galaxy blockade and hit him on the plate.
After that, Feng Zichen saw this dim light, and his flesh was torn as easily as paper.
Then his spirit was burned to ashes, and then his innate immortal true spirit struggled for a moment in the dim light and vanished
Finally, the dim light turned into a dark flame, emitting a strong sense of silence and burning his avenue into nothing
This wind Zichen has completely fallen, and there is nothing left. I just want to be resurrected and I don’t know how many years later.
The wind zichen wanted to continue to look at the picture, but an inexplicable force rippled and interrupted the wheel to continue the deduction. The picture became blurred and nothing was visible.
"Good means!"
Seeing that there is a scene in the future, Zichen’s heart can’t help but burst into a chill and chaotic fiend. It’s really cruel. Although I don’t know that the dim light can be particularly terrible only from the consequences it causes.
The wind zichen open mixed yuan ascended a master that dim light turned out to be completely burned into virtual after insisting for a moment. This power is scary to watch.
It is not necessarily that it has definitely surpassed the category of mixed elements and reached the point of great Luo Jinxian, and it is still at the peak rather than surpassing the great Luo Jinxian.
If you don’t think about it carefully, you will know that it will be difficult to resurrect, even if you don’t have a few robberies, you won’t be able to come back.
Chaos fiend, this is going to break the promotion path of Feng Zichen! Judging from the current changes in the universe, it is really necessary to delay a few times to rob Zichen’s realm, even if it is going to be overtaken by all.
But fortunately, what Feng Zichen saw earlier is a possibility rather than a real thing in the future, but there is still room for change.
Chapter 43 Nature’s Realm
Don’t look at this future stroke. Zichen died tragically, but it was the result that he didn’t move the magic weapon or the nebula.
If you move these two forces, the wind Zichen will not die so miserable and so fast even if she loses to that strange light.
In my heart, I thought that the wind Zichen once again motivated the third form of Pangu God Man, the evolution law of Xinghe Zhouguang Array.
Although it is known that the chaotic fiend will attack and kill him, Zichen will continue to deduce it. It will be interesting to see what that strange and powerful light is that it is so powerful that it can easily kill him.

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