"Because I have been there, I was curious and talked to Rhine. He said that the top 100 native worlds in the world on the 11th also belong to the most special ones …"
Leng Yue paused and looked at the crowd. "… This world is a double nine poles, which has a special meaning in terms of numbers, myths, history, avenues and other concepts."
After listening to this, Chu Hang mused, "There are 9911 difficulties in Journey to the West, 999 in the Book of Changes, and 999 in the Tao Te Ching, there is a saying that everything changes in life, and then it is recycled."
Lu Chen was confused. "What do you want to express?"
Leng Yue and Chu Hang looked at each other and said, "The No.11 world has a symbolic number, and it also means that it is inseparable from the No.1 world."
"Yang world! ?”
Lu Chen was a little surprised that the No.1 world natives called their own world this way. It was really a vast land without losing the high world. I didn’t know how many people had been occupying a dominant position in the world sea throughout the ages.
Although Ling Moxue, the master of painting pear clothes, once told me that there are no more than ten taboos in the world of painting pear clothes, Chu Hang thought that this information may not be credible because taboos are immortal, so this statement is very vague.
The same is true of the Yang world. It is hard to tell whether it is strong or weak accurately if it can compete with the high world for so long and the historical disputes between the two sides are added.
If there is a close connection between your hometown and the Yang world, it is bound to be taboo when you don’t want to.
This is not good news. Taboos are unpredictable and will not favor themselves just because they are from their hometown world. In fact, if they stir up trouble in their hometown world, they may even provoke taboos to shoot themselves to death.
"That’s right, Rhine people are not very clear about listening to the former deputy head of the circus animal trainer. He knows that the Yang world once exiled a group of terrorist strong people, but the exiled native world on the 11th was not barren, but the arrival of those strong people inspired the world activity …"
Leng Yue paused with a serious look. "The taboo was finally born."
After Lu Chen pondered, he said, "… It is said that those exiled strong people made a mess and made a gap for the latecomers?"
However, he knows how difficult it is for a master of the perfect world to break through taboos. Every world is born, and the initial taboos must be blocked by many obstacles.
"That’s right. After the first taboo, the world has been out of the control of the Yang world. Finally, a number of taboos were born. Even the Yang world should face up to the No.11 native world, which is definitely the most horrible native world except the top ten numbered worlds."
Leng Yue explained, "and it is said that the world taboos on that side are ambiguous, especially during the period of temporarily losing the deterrent of force, they may be very unfriendly to the explorers."
Liu Chen lost in thought. Should he really go back now?
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and one Return home
After thinking for a moment, Lu Chen finally said, "Which side of the world can we enter and say that there is a basic agreement? Generally speaking, taboos will not attack explorers. If taboos interfere, they will surely recycle us or have other solutions."
Chu Hang nods, "This time, Liu Xiong’s analysis is good. There are many taboo experts in the world, but it is obviously acquiescent to continue to put in explorers. It is a kind of agreement for most explorers. If opponents are taboo, it will lose the meaning of experience and will not let taboos kill explorers indiscriminately."
Leng Yue pondered for a moment. "I say so, but in fact, in most cases, if the taboo interferes with the explorer, it is no matter if it is not taboo, but if someone wants to kill Ye Fan in the world, it will definitely bring out the end of time."
"This kind of situation will not be attributed to the seeker’s active death, but I think there are basic protection measures if he doesn’t offend the taboo device but targets it."
Chu Hang analyzed, "I guess the native world No.11 should not be randomly put into other explorers now. If you can go back, you must have got the positioning props in it. Because that world is really uneasy, the ability to send taboos may be broken."
Leng Yue couldn’t understand, "Then you still support Lu Daxie to go back?"
"As I said just now, I don’t think there will be explorers going through positioning props. According to the regulations, it is still necessary to protect the explorer Chian, that is, not to be disturbed by the world’s top taboos."
Chu Hang explained, "Simply speaking, you may do compensation business, but in order to protect your own operating mechanism, you must restrict the uneasy situation of the 11 th native world at this time to reach the normal mode of explorers."
Xia Mi mused, "That is to say, the origin will also send taboos to negotiate with the 11th native world? In this way, we can restrict the strength of the layer and we can fully display it. "
Leng Yue shook his head. "That’s not realistic. There is really no stronger origin at present. Don’t say that the origin of the nine is the strongest at present. Where is the ninth-order peak strong?"
She paused and continued, "and I just said that the information may not be accurate. The taboo attitude of the 11 th native world is ambiguous, and maybe they will not pay attention to the explorer. For taboo, what the explorer does is to interfere with them. We are worried that it may be unnecessary and there is the possibility of this risk."
Then she looked at Liu Chen and stopped going on.
Leng Yue’s meaning is very obvious, and it is not necessarily that he will not randomly put in the explorer’s taboo and talk less. Even if he is not in harmony, he will not personally kill some ants.
For the vast majority of explorers, going to the 11 th native world is similar to going to other worlds, but it is different for Lu Daxie.
Leng Yue is 100% sure that bosses Lu will definitely mess around and turn the world upside down. Those taboos who are not very friendly to the future may not be able to sit still.
"Is there really no strong …"
Lu Chen thought thoughtfully. He remembered his experience in the high world, and Lao Wang, who kept the origin as a supporter, was not as simple and powerful as it seemed. If you look down on the original world, you must suffer a big loss.
But after thinking for a moment, he no longer hesitated to make a decision and said, "Go for a week and leave."
There is nothing to look forward to. He doesn’t know if he will encounter a monster like taboo, but he seems to have a hunch in his heart, or he has reached a bottleneck at present. If he can’t solve something, he will slowly stagnate.
He checked the menu before, and his mysterious blood lineage has been upgraded by the method of crystallization. Although the limit has not yet arrived, it has been promoted by the method of crystallization.

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