However, because the alchemist himself took a lot of precious medicinal materials from here, and this Fang Yude owed himself a favor to help him with the alchemy, not by looking at what he took out, but by giving him a face and Fang Wen a face.
Chapter 436 Public teaching
More importantly, Fang Wen also won Fang Yude’s favor, which made Fang Yude owe him a favor. It seems that it is impossible for others to refine Dan medicine for Fang Yude if it is not for Fang Wen’s intercession.
So Fang Yude owes Fang Wen a big favor. After all, refining Dan medicine by himself can restore his hidden disease Dan medicine.
Fang Wen wants to call Grandpa Fang Yude, and Fang Yude is guarding the royal stronghold. Obviously, Fang Yude is also a member of the royal family, and his position is very high. Fang Wen has been very respectful when he talked to him just now.
Let such a royal family owe Fang Wen a favor and then compete for the throne, which may have unexpected effects.
Finally, I can get some benefits myself.
Chang Sheng took a look at Fang Yude’s things, raised his hand and grabbed them, and threw them into the dry bag.
Fang Yude’s face was suddenly filled with smoke. Didn’t he just say that he didn’t like these things? Didn’t he dislike these ugly things? Why did he take it again!
Fang Yude has some blood in his heart. Although it is said that these things were taken away by Chang Sheng, it is not enough to hurt his bones. However, these things can be put into a dry bag by him, and they can be taken to the auction house by him. It is also a first-class auction.
Changsheng promised Fang Yude an alchemy, but everyone knows that Changsheng can’t give him an alchemy now because Changsheng is now giving an alchemy to Lord Lin.
We can’t let Changsheng give an alchemy to Lord Lin and Fang Yude at the same time. They dare not let Changsheng refine two furnaces at the same time.
At the same time, the Dan furnace is also busy refining the Dan of Yin and Yang returning to Qi, or the best Dan furnace is better.
Chang Sheng turned the tower several times and waited until late at night. When Dan furnace and Dan medicine gradually stabilized, there was no need to be guarded temporarily. After Chang Sheng left the tower with Fang Wen, the old Lord Yu Lin was excited. He kept Dan furnace all the time.
"How are you doing now?" Chang Sheng left the tower, went to the palace and asked Fang Wen about the recent situation.
"I haven’t had a good time recently." Fang Wen’s eyebrows are wrinkly. "The old guy has recently made trouble again. He sees that many talents who have come to Beijing have taken the opportunity to make a plan to his father. He said that he would take this opportunity to recruit talents and form an army again."
"Form an army. Although many people in Beijing are ordinary people, there are also many aristocratic families. As far as I know, the third plan is to form two armies. One is that those civilian geniuses form an army that can really fight on the battlefield, while those clansmen are equivalent to forming another army. Third, he just wants to take this opportunity to join forces with those aristocratic families to enhance his influence."
Fang Wen said with a sigh, "Big family, big brother, they are all treasures at home. Can they let their brothers go to the front to participate in the cruel war?" Moreover, these people are all overlords, and children are accustomed to being free and unfettered on weekdays. It is obviously impossible to form them into the army. This is obviously to spend court money and then help the third child for personal gain. If the court money is not said, these people will bring bad atmosphere to the army, and you are not ignorant of the third child. "
"It’s so important for the third person to be greedy for money in the second disaster relief. If the father really agrees with the third person’s suggestion to form an army this time, I don’t know how much money the third person will be greedy for!"
Chang Sheng listened to Fang Wen’s words, and his brow wrinkled deeper and deeper. He was busy with alchemy these days, and I really didn’t know that such a thing had happened at the court.
Fang Wen, he is right. If you really let san huang form such an army, it will be the Daqi dynasty that will be affected. If it is slightly affected, you will not be seriously affected before you combine the prosperous time catalogue and the Jiangshan country map.
But now I am too closely linked with the Daqi dynasty. I am interdependent with the Daqi dynasty. But after all, I am too weak now. Compared with the Daqi dynasty, it is a behemoth. Is it more that the Daqi dynasty affects myself and has limited influence on the Daqi dynasty?
The current situation is that if the Daqi dynasty is to be affected a little, it will be greatly impacted by itself.
San huang, if he does this now, it will not affect the Daqi Dynasty for a while, which will hurt the Daqi Dynasty, but he will be in trouble!
He’s screwing himself! This bastard, can’t he stop!
Suddenly Chang Sheng thought of someone.
"Xiao, do you think this bad idea could be that guy named Zhuge Zhan from Zhuge’s vice photograph?"
"It’s possible that I know this idea about the third place, but it shouldn’t be that he thought that nine times out of ten it was the guy named Zhuge who thought that guy was amazing. At the beginning, his father was a remnant of the previous dynasty, and we just started work on Zhuge’s deputy. That guy actually took the initiative to find his father and report that his father was a remnant of the previous dynasty."
"If he hadn’t reported it a few days later, he would have been arrested as a remnant of the previous dynasty, but his initiative to report it turned him into a hero who is loyal to his family. Even now, he has lived a very handsome life. Don’t you think it’s a coincidence that he reported it?"
"What a coincidence! I think there must be some secret connection between their father and his son." Chang Sheng looked somberly. "I don’t believe that Zhuge Zhan’s father is a remnant of the previous dynasty. He doesn’t know anything about it. I think he is also a remnant of the previous dynasty, and this time he came up with this idea. This guy is really capable of making trouble. I think we’d better find a chance to get rid of him!"
Chang Sheng said to Zhuge Zhan, I don’t know how to think of Ying Wuhou and looked around him. He asked Fang Wen, "What did Ying Wuhou do recently? I’m too busy these days to pay attention to other people’s affairs. "
"Ying Wuhou, if you don’t tell me, I almost forgot about Ying Wuhou. He also did something recently. What did he say? While he is now in Yingjie, Beijing, he wants to teach martial arts publicly. It is his first foreign martial arts day."
Ying Wuhou, a martial artist, proposed to rebuild an army in san huang at this stage. The army he mastered was an important army of the Daqi Dynasty. He wanted to suppress san huang’s plan, so he didn’t want san huang to affect his position in the army. At the same time, he also took this opportunity to recruit talents and improve his personal prestige. It was a stroke. "
Chang Sheng walked to the front and turned back to the other side and said, "It’s the first day for Ying Wuhou to teach, isn’t it? Let’s go and listen to what’s special about Ying Wuhou’s teaching."
next day
Recently, the western suburb regiment has suddenly lost a lot of challenges.
And the Thai Institute in the suburbs of Beijing, Beijing
With the news that the tournament will be called out recently, more and more martial men have come to Beijing to participate in the tournament. Recently, the whole courtyard has been almost crowded by the sudden influx of people.

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