He didn’t let go until my head turned white. Then I leaned towards Uncle Sun and sat in the corner of the bed, listening to the sound outside the window getting louder and louder.
We gritted our teeth, but the sound didn’t stop. Later, a woman joined us, and it was sad and long, which made my heart beat violently again.
The window began to beep, beep and beep, and then two shadows appeared. The window was nailed, and there was no sign that the window was wide open. Two figures appeared in the cold wind!
The cold wind suddenly poured in and roared with the hot air department, and suddenly the room became like an ice cave!
Both of them look like women, one big and one small. If the body is still foggy, I can’t see it clearly. I have a green face, my hair hangs freely over my shoulders, and there are three black holes without eyes and mouth. I can see the snow behind me.
They drifted in as if they had been blown in by the wind, slowly and bit by bit approaching my feet-I approached Uncle Sun but reached out and touched the wall.
I suddenly looked back and saw that Uncle Sun had hidden away, and he gestured to reassure me.
I turned around and found that the wall was cold and bitter, and it was like touching a snake.
My hand shrank back, but the woman was in front of me!
The two ghosts held out their hands in front of me and hooked and gestured in front of them, still shouting "Liu Qiang, come with me …"
"Liu Qiang, come with me …"
I felt that my heart was beating so hard that I almost jumped out of my throat. Uncle Sun nodded firmly.
"Go with her.
I looked at my wife in bed and then at Uncle Sun’s teeth!
Hague wood! Aaron dies, Kijanapu!
I scolded 1, thinking hard!
Although I almost peed my pants, I also know that if I don’t leave, maybe even my wife will be hurt. Since Uncle Sun said so, I will go with them. If it’s a big deal, don’t hurt others!
With that heady sound, I followed them out of the window and walked all the way to the wild.
"Come with me, come with me …"
That sound never stops!
I don’t know how long I’ve been walking, but my face and body are numb, and my legs are heavy with lead, but then I saw a strange building in the distance
This room is so broken that I can’t say how gloomy it is. As soon as I entered it, I felt a kind of poor pressure, as lifeless and cold and depressed as if I had got into the grave! Weeds grow all around, and rubble can be seen everywhere.
In this way, two female ghosts turned around in front of me with a strange smile on their faces and reached for me!
Suddenly, a strong force came from behind me and knocked me out as if flying.
I fell into the grass and my face was bloodshot. At the same time, I heard Uncle Sun shout behind me.
The two female ghosts gave a creaking smile, just like who scraped the tile glass, squeaking and screeching. I quickly turned around and saw that Uncle Sun had fought with them.
The red circle of Uncle Sun’s hand is very bright. He hit the female ghost like a red-hot iron bar, sweeping the butter with one hand and half of his body, snapping and crashing to the ground!
Whew, it’s gone
At ordinary times, Uncle Sun looks like a sage like type, his hands are red and his eyes reveal an extraordinary taste-he just reached out and pointed!
The kid who was scared squeaked and screamed began to melt into a cloud of smoke in this finger, leaving a pile of broken clothes and disappearing.
"Uncle Sun …" I didn’t speak, but Uncle Sun’s eyes flashed off and he shouted, "Don’t talk! Behind me, he crossed his arms and looked nervous on his chest
I rolled up and saw something slowly stir up just opposite him.
That’s a well.
The smoke coming out of the well was very thick, followed by a dull smile, a pair of dead hands sticking out of the well and then a face slowly appeared!
A mummy-like thing slowly climbed up, dressed in rags and rags, like military flesh, all dried up into a piece of paper, sticking to the bone and revealing ribs.
But this thing’s bones can bend, not jump out, but slowly climb out!
I can’t form that kind of extreme cold, with a rancid and erosive taste. It’s wet and stinky, as if I had been sprayed with something. I suddenly felt my eyes start to shed tears.
This thing can’t stop crunching in its mouth, like chewing and talking. Uncle Sun squinted and didn’t speak, so he pulled out a black stick from behind!
I don’t know how to make a stick, but it has become a long one.
That damn thing took a few steps around uncle sun, but uncle sun kept staring at his hand, and the stick was always facing the guy and turned back.
Suddenly, it bends over and suddenly its mouth bursts with rancid black gas and rushes towards Uncle Sun!
"Is that all?" Uncle Sun sneered, and with a wave of his hand, a light appeared, so that the black gas suddenly disappeared!
He also shot out.
It turned out that the ghost had rushed out through this spray!
I hurriedly followed after go out to the outside.

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