But …
Can you run?
Mark’s right hand moved slightly towards Richard, who had already run five meters away, and he still kept running posture. What did Richard do in front of Mark’s eyes? What was the performance of really looking at running ahead but actually retreating?
"… let me go. You are with them." Richard struggled violently. Even if he died, he would not let others find himiko’s grave and release the mysterious power.
Mark is too lazy to pay attention to Richard who is inexplicably fried.
A psychic force is separated from Richard’s direct prey towards himiko’s resting place.
Mark has a double standard. It seems to him that Richard is also a double standard.
He did everything he could?
Isn’t it just playing himiko to find his mysterious power inside?
And the result?
When I got there, I saw someone following him, and suddenly I changed my mind and became a virgin who couldn’t release himiko and destroy the world?
at bottom
Richard still doesn’t want someone to share himiko’s grave with him.
Boom one!
Dr. vogel led a group of elite soldiers to watch Mark fall directly from the sky with Richard.
Glancing at Richard Mark, who looked trance-like and ragged, said directly to Dr. vogel, "Handcuffs and hemp rope don’t let him get away."
I’m here to find Richard. This is the main line.
Himiko’s tomb is a spur line.
Mark still knows which is more important than which.
Dr vogel smell speech also didn’t ask what directly toward the side two soldiers nodded his head.
The two soldiers knew that Tao Tao was coming towards Richard with a thick hemp rope behind them.
quite a while
Mark glanced at the bound Richard and looked back at the stone wall in front of him.
Is a mind out.
The whole stone wall is enough to make the waterfall flow backwards, and the mind makes my teeth sour.
Mark the blow they were all stunned to look at the moment for a second or stone directly before them into powder.
Mark waved his right hand.
After being blown away by the rubble, the entrance to the tomb at the back was exposed.
"I found it!"
"Really here!"
"I can’t believe it!"
See vogel, including his team, and all the people were amazed.
They are organizational soldiers.
Although loyal to the organization, they move wherever they are needed.
But …
Even a small ravine is much better than an isolated island.
Although they work hard, they also have families.
Now that himiko is just around the corner, the dawn is shining for them to go home from here.
At present, the gate of himiko Tomb is semi-circular with bronze rust, which seems to tell a long history.
The facade of the bronze tomb is inlaid with many things protruding like cylinders, which seems to tell them another thing.
Hi, I’m the password door. The password is wrong. I don’t want to enter …
Vogel looked at bronze doors before and immediately set his eyes on Richard.
Richard sensed the eyes, but it was a direct cold hum.
Mark shook his head.
Has he walked the usual road?
Before vogel could speak, everyone watched Mark’s right hand slowly open the bronze door.
A moment!
Suddenly empty a grip …
Chapter 35 Whoever has a big tomb
Make everyone’s teeth straight and sour. Once again, there are two teams behind the team with sensitive hearing. Soldiers even put their own weapons and frowned and covered their ears.
But … it is!
Mark they nest read his mind. The bronze door in front of him was twisted towards the middle with the naked eye.
Mark’s eyebrows are also slightly raised!
Mind can stop here?
at this moment
Mark couldn’t help being interested in himiko behind the bronze gate.
What is blocking the invasion of mind this time?
Just then.

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